The Most Iconic Moments From “My Super Sweet 16”

If anything serves as a reminder of the careless days you spent on your parent’s couch watching TV without any responsibility, it’s MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16.”

It may have not been your favorite show, but when “Room Raiders,” or “Teen Mom,” or whatever you preferred wasn’t on, you watched spoiled brats book famous DJs, find awful prom-style dresses, and cry about some frenemy named Jennifer.

Well, those days are back.

I mean, not the days of you having no responsibilities and getting to watch three hours of TV every afternoon, but the days of “My Super Sweet 16” being on MTV. And guess what? It’s not just for 16 year olds anymore, there’s no upper age limit, you oldie!

We’re celebrating by highlighting our favorite moments from the show.

1. Lil Wayne’s Daughter

Weezy’s little girl, Reginae, naturally had the type of birthday that you would pay $100 to see at a sold-out venue. Nicki Minaj performed, she gets a red BMW and a white Ferrari, and she utters the line, “today I am replacing all my drama with diamonds,” as she goes on a Rolex shopping spree with Birdman. Just girly things!

2. Timbaland’s Son

Timbaland’s baby boy Demetrius has a lit ass birthday that coincidentally has Lil Wayne and Flo Rida performing on a stage alongside of caged tigers. Casual!

3. Sky

While her peers were poring over thotty dresses from Wet Seal’s bougier cousin or prom rejects, Sky was using her daddy’s money to build a 20 foot tall dress for her Moulin Rouge themed party. I mean, it’s what any fashionista would’ve done, right?

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4. Teyana Taylor

Before Teyana Taylor was making every girl watching Kanye videos wish they’d renewed their gym membership, she was dressing up like a Barbie doll for her super sweet 16. Oh, and she looks just as amazing as she does today. Go figure.

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5. Diddy’s Son

Naturally, Puff Daddy P.Diddy Diddy only wants the best for his son’s teen rager. And the best involves a concert by Bow Wow and Omarion, a personal phone call from Jay Z, and a dance contest. Sounds lit.

6. Scarlett

This 15-year-old knows what the fuck she wants…in a British accent.

7. Audrey

It’s a classic occurrence. Your parents get you a Lexus instead of a Beamer for your 16th birthday when you can barely drive, they ruin your life, and you cancel your party. Bummer.

8. The Theme Song

Among all of the whiney teens and crying pre-pubescent boys, let’s not forget the most iconic – and annoying – part of the show. The theme song. Make sure to listen to this if you want an annoying chorus line of little girls and an “edgy” guitar riff in your head all day.

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