6 sweatshop-free brands to make your holiday shopping woke af

Gone are the days when our Christmas wish lists were filled with the hottest gear from the cheapest mall stores.

Now, as the horrific background of fast fashion becomes more and more apparent, copping the latest trends at semi-affordable prices feels like a stab to your conscience. Do we even need to mention how problematic Urban Outfitters is?

Well luckily, there are places where you can cop stylish steeze, not only at a fraction of the price, but from companies with better ethical practices. Below, you’ll find Galore’s picks for the best low-key brands that don’t use exploited labor to produce their products. Happy shopping!

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New colors on the block. – Colorblock Cashmere has arrived. Link in bio.

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If sleek and sophisticated is your name, then Everlane is your game. This brand carefully sources their production out to the highest rated ethical factories in the world (only a grade 90 or above.) They even give their Black Friday profits back to improve the lives of their factory workers.


This NYC founded feminist political organization and skate collective also has a shop, with an aesthetic that combines sorcery (the name Brujas derived from brujería, the Spanish word for a witchcraft) and punk perfectly. Their clothing also features politically charged messages, like their 1971 line with shirts and shorts that read: “Prisons are obsolete / Give em Hell / Negotiations from the / Door of a cell.”

Control Sector

Shades: the Attack

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Another NYC-based brand, Control Sector features contemporary streetwear that’s accessible to everyone, even those who aren’t sneakerheads. Fun fact: Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s dad, Joe, is one of the brand’s investors.

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This brand only makes its products in US-based factories, with 95% of its production based in California, the state with the highest EPA standards. With that being said, the brand tries to stay consistent in the use of recycled fabrics and materials.



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Even though this brand is U.K. based, you can still purchase their goods online in the states. Their motto is “no sweatshop, no photoshop,” so they even maintain ethical practices in their advertising as well. When you read their ten-point moral manifesto, you’ll feel nothing but wholesome and good entering your card information.

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We recommend starting every day with a hot coffee and a nice pair of Reformation Jeans. #refjeans

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If you live in NYC, you’ve probably seen their storefront signs that boast cheeky and quirky phrases. The brand runs on a model of sustainability, from the US-based factories they produce in to the fabrics they choose; with an end goal of reducing fashion’s carbon footprint.


If you really want to prove just how ethical this brand is, they offer a full impact report that just might be longer than most of your college readings. The biggest takeaway from the brand is the increase in quality of life they have given their workers, particularly women, in their Peruvian factory.

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