This Sustainable Brand Is Making A Very Stylish “Imprint”

Photographer Peggy Kuiper teamed up with Imprint—a Dutch brand focused on promoting sustainable style and style influencers—to create an editorial that would showcase the work of brands focusing on ethical fashion practices; Lisa Konno and First of August are the two lines featured.

With sustainability and eco-conscious fashion heading more towards the forefront of the industry—Adidas was recently named one of the most sustainable fashion brands—any company working to promote conscious design has to be aware of how to make their work accessible. Imprint focuses heavily on just that, showing us how sustainability doesn’t have to be all Birkenstocks and armpit hair; even recycling can be be clean, fun, and sexy.  See below, and follow Imprint here to stay up-to-date on the latest in sustainable fashion.




Photography: Peggy Kuiper
Styling: Imruh Asha
Model: Gesine @ Micha Models
Assistant Styling: Yoeri Wegman

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