Survive April Showers: Waterproof Footwear For Spring

It’s spring-time in New York and it’s officially getting warmer, so you no longer have to pile on eighteen layers. But warmer temperatures also bring wet conditions, whether it’s thawing black ice or rainy weather, traversing the city during spring requires some moisture proof footwear. But you don’t just have to wear Hunter rain boots for the next six weeks (seriously, please do not do that). Here are three waterproof shoes that can get you through the rainy season.

From StyleNanda $51

The only time fake leather works in your favor: fabrics like polyurethane are water resistant and retain their texture even when drenched. These everyday boots have a low platform and are perfect paired with jeans or circle skirts.

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Rain shoes doesn’t just have to mean boots. Platforms keep you high and dry and out of the puddles while the traction on these shoes keep you stable no matter how slick the pavement is. And you don’t have to sacrifice style for rain proof, once again with these shoes which are made of polyurethane, the shape and integrity of the fabric will remain in tact.

From Style Nanda $51

These glossy loafers are versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything from shorts to jeans to a sundress. You can make the look super Janelle Monae inspired and wear them with trousers, or wear them with skinny jeans to show off the shape and texture of the sole. Either way, their water proof and way better then wellingtons.

So to recap what we’ve learned friends: you don’t have to resort to clunky, heavy, rubber boots just because it’s rainy and gross outside. Look at it this way instead: rainy springs give you the opportunity to test drive warmer weather looks for summer showers, and give your wallet a break by allowing you to buy all of the polyurethane foot wear instead of real leather. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

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