Who Your Supermodel Style Icon Should Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Not sure what to wear today? Your zodiac sign may hold the key. Check out the supermodels you should be looking at for astrological style inspiration.

Featured image by Hayden Williams

Aquarius- Agyness Deyn

You’re a progressive individual with a unique mindset, so your style should be just as unique as you are. Like Agyness, you don’t fear androgyny, so go for the tom boy must haves: chic slacks, comfy oxford shirts, slide-on sneakers, and cut off shorts. Don’t forget to put your singular spin on everything you wear!

Pisces- Hailey Clauson

You’re a natural artist with a dreamy etherealness about you. Stay fluid and free in loose, flowing fabrics and colors that harken back to the ocean. You’re most comfortable in bare feet (or a pair of trusty white sneakers) and tees and dresses that can double as swim cover ups. Just like swimsuit model Hailey Clauson, your bikini is your favorite piece in your closet.

Aries- Rosie Huntington Whitely

You have the natural confidence of a trend setter, but you tend to stay away from over the top frills that would slow you down. Stick with pants and flats but remember to put a cutting edge spin on anything you wear. Try jeans in new cuts: bell bottom, flowy or ankle length. Like Rosie HW, keep an eye out for fun prints that you can mix and match. And when in doubt, a jumpsuit will quickly become your go-to for any day you’re feeling uninspired.

Taurus- 90’s Linda Evangelista

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance, you love the luxurious things in life. You value comfort in fashion above all else, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in anything unflattering. Let yourself feel pampered like old school supermodel Linda Evangelista in luxe fabrics including cashmere turtleneck sweaters, suede skirts, and most importantly, a deliciously buttery leather coat.

Gemini- Anja Rubik

Your contrary sides emerge in your style as you keep it chic and casual during the day, but pull out all the stops for nighttime debauchery. Keep your wardrobe from becoming too random by investing in all black everything like model and author Anja Rubik, which allows for an endless amount of combinations no matter where your rollercoaster moods take you.

Cancer- 80’s Pamela Anderson

You’re hard pressed to leave your comfort zone, but make like pin up queen Pamela Anderson and put some sex appeal on those jeans and tee shirts! Leotards, unexpected graphics, and denim in any form you can get your hands on will bring your style to the next level.

Leo- Jourdan Dunn

You love being the center of attention, so catch everyone’s eye with loud prints and graphic pieces. Don’t try to pigeonhole your style into one category, you love to jump from trend to trend, just like Victoria’s Secret leo Jourdan Dunn, as long as you’re showing a fair bit of skin.

Virgo- 60’s Twiggy

Your low-key elegance is embodied by 60’s mod style. Twiggy was the face of the movement, living and loving in miniskirts, neat A-Line cuts, and thigh high socks which speak to the virginal schoolgirl that exists inside every Virgo. Pile on the eyeliner and mascara to bring your quiet sophistication to the next level.

Libra- Freja Beha Erichsen

Naturally at ease with your surroundings yet fun loving and playful, you need a wardrobe that works for any occasion you may find yourself in. Like Freja Beha, you love a mix of statement pieces and basics: with Libras, balance is key. Leather pants, black skinnies and white tees are your staples. Make like Freja and elevate the look with an attention grabbing jacket thrown on top: jewel toned, fur, or leather!

Scorpio- Lindsay Ellingson

Scorpios are passionate, driven, and drawn to drama. You love pieces that show off your sexy side but let you retain an air of mystery. Take it from model Lindsay Ellingson. She’s always body conscious, but never shows too much. Pick one asset to bare and keep the rest covered up, so go for a mini dress with long sleeves or a knee length body con skirt and tee to strike the perfect balance.

Sagittarius- Chanel Iman

Fun loving and adventurous, Sags never follow the crowd when it comes to fashion. You’re probably prone to throwing on all your favorite pieces at the same time, and layering is your favorite way to make an outfit. Tie your look together with accessories abound, like Sagittarius Chanel Iman.

Capricorn- Georgia May Jagger

Capricorn: the most ambitious sign in the zodiac. You will be successful in style as with all your ventures if you follow your instincts, like rock n roll princess Georgia May Jagger. Edgy, and unapologetic, Jagger stays true to herself and looks fab for just that reason. Keeping your look effortless (even at a black tie event) is the key to your sense of fashion. Look for versatile pieces like oversized blazers and Mary Janes, which contribute to the high-low look you love to cultivate.

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