Superheroes For Superwomen! The New Stella McCartney Handbag Collection

Superheroes for superwomen. This was the theme of Stella McCartney’s Resort 2015 collection which featured colorful bot-faced print and embroideries on all of the clothing pieces.


In addition to the mask like prints featured on the clothing, the line featured a selection of handbags which were shaped to resemble super-hero masks as well.


After mentioning that she wishes she had named the superheroes who star in her latest collection, McCartney has decided to reach out to fans of her designs to name them themselves. Out of 12 names handpicked by McCartney, one name will be chosen as a favorite and the creator of that name will win a free Stella McCartney handbag. Choose wisely kittens, only one super-hero can be lucky enough to win this contest!

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