There’s One Thing You Should Never Ask DJ SoSuper Sam

SoSuper Sam loves classic hip-hop, electronic music, and pizza.

What’s the most recent vinyl you’ve purchased? What’s your favorite record store in Los Angeles?

My most recent vinyl was a gift from a friend, Dana Harris. It’s called “As We Lay”, and it’s a booty bass cover of the original by Shirley Murdock.  It’s sick. But I still love a good, long trip to Amoeba.

What’s your favorite Kanye West song?

“Addiction”. It’s hypnotic and I still play it all the time.


You recently won a pizza making contest. What’s the story with that?

Terroni invited a bunch of music people and fun folks in to build our own pizzas. It’s a dream job, if you ask me. We got to work our own dough and pick from this long table of virtually any and every pizza topping you could ever imagine. I basically built my ideal pie—a white pizza with tons of garlic, 4 kinds of cheese, fresh basil, parsley and prosciutto. I came out on top somehow! Them Jeans and P. Morris, some other DJs, were winners too.

What’s one fashion trend you’d never rock?

Bleached eyebrows.

What question do you hate when people ask you?

“How did you get started with DJ’ing?”

 I know you love the ’90s—what’s a beauty trend you love from that era? What trend should we leave behind?

I love layering spaghetti strap tank tops over tees. That will always be cute to me. I hate, hate, hate gelled, thin strands of hair around the face. I could never love that again.

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