In Preparation For The VS Angel Super Bowl Commercial: 6 Times VS Made Me Want To Be Athletic

I avoid the gym at all costs. I’ve tried yoga, Zumba, running, and the elliptical, but the horror of sweating and getting hit on by meat head body builders is just too painful. My desire to avoid the treadmill trumps my desire to go up a flight of stairs without panting, so my PINK sports bras are worn on lazy Sundays only, no exceptions. And don’t get me started on how f***ing stupid those neon running shoes are. IF YOU WEAR THOSE FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN RUNNING, WE MAY NOT LIKE EACHOTHER.

On the other hand, Victoria’s Secret is about to air a football-themed Superbowl ad, and although I do not know (or care) who is playing, I do know that one person who can make me re-evaluate my revulsion of the gym is Candice Swanepoel. The VS Angels have strong bods and amazing butts that make me think yoga might actually be worth it. Seriously, every time I see an Insta pic of one of them in Tree Pose, I briefly wonder if I too could be one of those ultra-perky chicks who runs daily and knows what “leg day” means. Here are 6 times the VS Angels almost made me put down the french fries and take a jog instead, maybe they’ll even make me watch the Super Bowl.


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