Super Bowl Commercial Superlative Awards

Most Stereotypical Award: Kate Upton for Game of War

Hot chicks and video games? I’m pretty sure some nerd is holding the pizza box in his lap for the rest of the game.

DILF award: Nissan’s #withdad 

I don’t really like kids…..but I do like hot dads.

Funny and True award: Weight Watchers 

Gotta love a pun comparing eating junk food to drug use.. and my addiction to pizza is nothing to laugh at.

Is This Heaven award: Mcdonald’s Pay With Love:

I’m sorry… but it’s fo free!!! *silently makes plans to go to Mcdonald’s every day for lunch this week*

Girl Power Award: Always #likeagirl

I get free drinks like a girl and I twerk like a girl, bitch.

“I just gagged on my nachos” award: Jubila Foot Fungal Cream

Stop trying to make toe fungus relate to football…

The FOMO award

Whether I order a Bud Light or a milk.. my nights are never this cool

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