Six Super Bowl Ads You NEED To Watch


Alright ladies, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, and it’s time for a moment of truth. Some of you may be sporting an oversized jersey you secretly borrowed from your BF, layered over a pair of cutoffs and some face paint in hopes of fooling everyone at the party into think you’re a diehard Seahawks/Patriots fan, but let’s be real. For 95% of you gals this is the only football game you “watch” all season, and half of you probably may not care to know what city each time is even from. And hey, no judgments here, I am mostly guilty of all accusations above.

The reason we all watch this game is for several reasons: to text your crush sporadically throughout the game to show you have something in common, to hang out with all of you ride or dies, the halftime show (duh) and to laugh, cry, or gasp at all of the amazing commercials. I mean, these companies drop millions for less than a minute of airtime, so our expectations are always set high and we are hardly ever let down. In case you missed any of the ads because you needed to grab a beer, stuff your face with some chips and salsa, or re-apply your lipstick you wish you didn’t bother wearing, here are some of the best!


First off, they’re adorable as ever. Who doesn’t love a minion? But everyone can relate to assholes drunkenly spilling on your cute, hopefully not new, outfit. Hopefully you didn’t solve the problem by taking off your clothes… but hey, if you did, kudos. Confidence is everything.


T-Mobile – #KimsDataDash

3 words: Kim. Kardashian. Selfie. Need I say more?



Ugh, they’re making me all nostalgic over here with the Brady Bunch. Hilarious, creative, and bizarre: the perfect combination.



Um, the cutest puppy of all time. If you weren’t near tears over the little guy getting lost then check your pulse. Adorbs.



We all could use a little more love and be a bit nicer, and this ad really drove that message home. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get choked up DON’T JUDGE ME.


Dove Men+Care



Gimme More POP

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