Sunday Riley launched their new foundation with a dope NYC pop up

I have commitment issues, especially when it comes to skin care and foundation. This stems partly from me being a level of pale that, during the winter, is relatable to a vampire.

But, also because whenever I search for foundation, I can never find the right color. And, if I do find the right color, chances are that the lighting is weird and it actually isn’t even the right color (cue the horror of realizing your neck and your head look like they are completely different). 

When the Sunday Riley team came to NYC, introducing their new foundation with quite possibly the cutest pop up ever, I was totally ready to let them take the wheel and help me find my perfect match. See the photos and recap below!

Known for the legit cult following around their skin care products, I felt like I was in good hands. Before color matching me, one of the Sunday Riley pro’s walked me through some of their skin care products.

I’ve always thought one of the pinnacles of adulthood is having a solid skincare routine. Up until now, it’s been an inconsistent combination of Sephora samples but as of late I do believe I am truly a changed woman (and I have taken over more than half of the bathroom cabinet with my Luna Sleeping Night Oil, Good Genes, and Tidal Water Cream to name a few, apologies to my roommate).

The team had no issues when it came to matching me – or anyone else at the pop up – in one of their twenty shades. Which, tbh, was one of the most light weight, creamy formulas I’ve ever felt on my skin.

It’s been about a week since I’ve joined the skincare cult and honestly I’m already starting to notice a difference. Things like finding the right foundation shade and the word retinol used to freak me out but Sunday Riley has such a chill and clear approach, that makes it super easy to understand.

The Influencer, which is cruelty-free and skin-friendly, is now available at Sephora along with all of the other fan favorites. Shop here!

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