Sun Godz Tells Us How To Avoid Sunburns And How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Photog Sasha Eisenmen of SUNGODZ, a newly launched website dedicated to the favorite images and personal work of the artist, sat down with us to discuss where he plans to see the website going within the next few years. His style of photography, which has featured people like Jeremy Scott as a model, is a mix of both cerebral and nostalgic imagery that’s bound to transport you to a a different time and place, whether in the future or past. Check out the interview with the photog below!

What is Sun Godz?

It’s a little early and a little unclear to say for sure what SUNGODZ is yet. And I kinda like it like that. I don’t want to define it as of yet or perhaps ever. SUNGODZ for the moment is a website that I recently launched. It’s a creative platform for myself, and in the future for others who may want to be involved and contribute work. So in that sense it has some qualities of an online magazine, but it is still for the moment part “blog” or maybe a better description would be, mood board. All of the imagery that I have been trying to present here has a certain hot, sensual, sexy, “been staring at the sun too long” sort of a feel. And that aesthetic I plan to carry on at the core of what SUNGODZ is all about. Currently I have been going through a lot of my archive and scanning a lot of my favorite shoots, often from contact sheets and polaroids, from the past 10 years. Its really fun because after not having seen something for a certain amount of time you get a new perspective on it, and are then able to present a new edit and story that might not have been apparent or been given the proper presentation the first time around. So part of what I have been doing with the site so far is to get some of these re-edits out there (the site also links to tumblr), some of my favorite images that otherwise might have remained sitting in a stack of contact sheets, in a box, on a shelf. So the archival thing has been a big part of it for the moment. Also there is some great video content there, and soon there will be limited edition prints available on from the site, and in time much more, but it’s a bit of secret just what that will be. But it involves some exciting collaborations. Its still early going but I imagine SUNGODZ evolving into a beautiful, and many headed Hydra.


What inspires your work and why?

Im inspired by people, by places, and by stories or memories. I like to tell a story, even if it is just about a simple feeling, or something based on a memory of a childhood trip, adventure, fantasy, or dream. And of course sunlight, I love light, blue sky, pools, seas, oceans, horizons.

What’s the best way to prevent sunburn?

The best way to prevent sunburn is to stay tan! I am always tan, I don’t know why, I don’t lay out or anything like that, and I do wear sunscreen mostly. But I’m still always tan somehow. Im not talking Valentino style tan here, but I do like that.

Instagram: Good or Bad, and why?

Instagram is both good and bad. Its a lot better than Facebook I feel, because it gets more to the point, to the core of what that was really all about, and that is pictures and unabashed self promotion. It is sort of weird that it has made essentially everyone a “photographer” now. But I have Instagram (search sashaeisenman ), its fun, somewhat useful I guess, and a nice ego boost sometimes, but ultimately I wish we could all go back to the days of pagers, and pay phone booths.


Favorite photog of all time and why?

I cant say just one, I liked Bob Richardson a lot. Also Harry Peccinotti, and Sam Haskins. Basically all for the same reasons, they are all pretty loose not too structured or posed, all story tellers, and all very sensual and romantic. Probably better add Helmet Newton to the list too while we are at it.

If you had an unlimited budget, what/where would you want to shoot?

I would love to hire a big beautiful sailboat, and sail around Greece or perhaps the Sea of Cortez, while shooting great models along the way who would be flown in to meet the boat at various ports of call.

How do you take the perfect selfie?

By either not trying very hard or thecomplete reverse.


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