Grow Up And Wear Matching Socks

SOCKS, one could argue they are the most important part to your outfit. From anytime your pants are way too short to the days you want to wear a summer dress with lil booties, you can see your socks — NO MATTER WHAT. And sure, it’s been super chill, cool, and ironic to wear mismatched socks and look like you don’t give a shit, but ladies, it’s time to pull it together and say goodbye to the old and frumpy way of sock-dressing. Growing up calls for sexy thongs, La Perla bras, $100 tee shirts, and yup — a nice pair of socks.

Don’t mistake matching socks for boring socks, we know our Galore Girls would never leave the house in anything that’d cause a yawn! So, we pulled together the softest, funnest, cutest, and most summery socks a girl can buy. Check ’em out, because these options are totally socks with sandals worthy.

1. World’s Softest Socks – Gallery Crew


2. Sock It To Me – Florida


3. Stance Socks – Psychedelic


4. Topshop – Kissing Dinosaurs


5. Happy Socks – Hawaii Socks


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