Summer Make Up Tips


I love the summer heat. It’s almost intoxicating, but what it can do to my freshly beaten face is a toxic, melted mess. While I was always told wearing less makeup is more, wearing less in the summer is a must. Even though most days I opt out wearing makeup during hotter days, for some girls, that’s not an option. Here are some tips to keep your makeup fresh and on face throughout the smoldering day.


Leave the foundation and powder ALONE!
If it’s 85 degrees out, which means just walking pace will have your foundation dripping within minutes. And every time you wipe your sweat off the foundation will come, leaving your face blotchy and in 2 different shades. Try applying a bronzer like Nars Illuminator ($30) and using a soft color blending concealer like True Match Super-blendable Crayon Concealer ($8.95). Both are lightweight and won’t make you look crazy once you start to sweat.


Protect your skin and lips!
I know it might sound cray, but your lips are skin too. Besides using a an SPF for your face like  Hello Kitty SPF 45 Faces Lotion make sure to lather lips up with an SPF balm before applying gloss or lipstick like Carmex Cherry Stick SPF 15. It also will help st lipstick for less smudging.


Speaking of lipsticks…chill on all of that!
It’s hot as hell out, so why do you insist on wearing bright red matte lipstick? Go for a light pink or even orange lipstick like Sothys Sheer lipsticks (available July 1st), which are made from mango butter and aren’t heavy.


Raccoons aren’t cute: no spur dark eyes.
Use a long lasting eyeshadow like Mally Beauty Evercolor Long Wearing Shadow Stick and go for a water resistant eyeliner like Stila’s Long-Wear Liquid Liner Duo for all day wear.

Make sure to always keep Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens in your purse and a can of Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water to refresh skin throughout the day.

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