SUMMER ISSUE: The Babe Rapper Chanel West Coast Talks Debut Album

We love Chanel West Coast and so happy she’s feature in our Bombshells of Summer issue. Find out all about the rapper babe below!

Photography & Interview by Danielle Defoe

Stylist :: Matthew Hensley
Hair :: Tony vin
MUA :: Nichole Servin


How did you come up with the name Chanel West Coast?
It happened by accident, I only made my URL on myspace Chanel West Coast because all the other Chanel URLS were taken – After meeting Rob and all my skater homies they started calling me “West Coast” like it was my last name and it stuck.

Do you only wear Chanel No5?
LOL – No.

We hear you have a big obsession with Karl Largerfield. If you were his muse how would you design the next season of Chanel?
If I was his muse, I would hopefully be his inspiration to keep doing what he’s already done so well.


What made you want to become a rapper?
I’ve done music my whole life and always wrote poetry as a hobby, so the two kind of came together. I started writing wraps when I was 12 and started seriously pursuing my music career when i was 15.

Why is the west coast the best coast?
Best Weather, Best Weed, ’nuff said.

You are a host on MTV “Ridiculousness” what has been the most outrageous video ever to be submitted?
The videos aren’t submitted – they’re found online by a staff of people. So don’t go doing anything crazy and try to submit it lol. I honestly can’t say what video is the craziest – every video is crazy.


You just did a remix of Lana Del Rey new hit song “West Coast” what drew you to this?
I’m a huge Lana Del Ray fan so when I saw she did a song called “West Coast” I was all over that shit. I heard it and immediately wanted to add some verses to it.

What are your summer plans?
Finishing my album, filming ridiculousness, and doing gigs all over the country. I’m currently working on planning a small tour of London which I’m hoping will happen in July.

What boy is your summertime crush?
James Franco, but just because I’m trying to get Seth Rogen.

When can we expect your debut album?
We’re looking to drop it somewhere at the end of summer – I’m always growing as an artist so with this album I feel I’ve grown even more since my mixtape “Now You Know” and I’m just here to push the envelope and the norm of what’s out right now.


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