SUMMER ISSUE: Miriam Bryant Talks Music, Sweden & Harry Potter

Musician Miriam Bryant features in our Bombshells of Summer issue. Taking the music industry by storm, we chatted with her about her music!

Photography by Jacob Dekat
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Interview by Kate Hassel


How was life growing up Sweden?
Pretty much the same as growing up in any other place, I assume. Going through the same things everybody does. I always day-dreamed a lot about big stages and music- trying to make life look like the movie in my head. Life was harder in many ways and easier in other ways. Sweden as a country is a safe place to grow up.

Who were your musical idols growing up?
I used to listen to my dads LP’s a lot, Dylan, Zeppelin, Beatles, Neil Young, Pink Floyd etc.. The Backstreet Boys were my heroes, My bedroom walls were completely covered with posters of them from floor to ceiling and I used to mime to “I Will Always Love You” and pretend I was Whitney.


How did the collaboration come about with you and Zedd?
He heard my song “Finders Keepers” on German radio, and liked my voice a lot… later the same day he heard the same song on TV and he looked me up… We came in contact, he signed me to Insterscope, and we started collaborating.

What song is closest to your heart on your Push Play EP?
ALl of them. Finders Keepers was the first song I ever wrote, so thats special.

You have a Deathly Hollows tattoo. Do you like Harry Potter?
Yes, I’m a big fan of HP.. But the story about the three brothers who cheat death and get the deathly hallows is a perfect description of how we are never really content with the way things are in life. It’s a good reminder to keep my feet on the ground and remember to value the things that I have.

What are your summer plans?
I’m touring in Sweden for most of it. Have a few US things planed too, but it will be a lot about getting my album to where I want it.


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