SUMMER ISSUE: We Live for Carmen Electra- The Iconic Bombshell

We’re so excited THE bombshell that is Carmen Electra, who has had such an iconic career is featured in our new issue! Check out her pics and interview below!

Photography Jacob DeKat
Creative Direction Prince Chenoa


Tell us 6 things people don’t know about Carmen Electra?
1. When I was a little girl my dream was to be a drummer in an all girl rock band
2. I raid the fridge at night
3. I sleep with the TV on
4. I have double-jointed hips
5. I’m obsessed with Bob Marley and reggae culture
6. In high school I was Miss Dance Ohio

How did the musician Prince discover you?
I auditioned for a girl group he was producing. I didn’t get that job but he called me after the auditions and asked if I wanted to work on a solo project.


Where did the name Carmen Electra come from?
When I was coming out with my debut album, there was another artist named Tara on the charts. Prince gave me my name, called me into the studio the next day, where I recorded, “Carmen on Top.” That’s when the name really stuck.

You have been known for dating badboys from Dennis Rodman to Dave Navarro. Who is the lucky badboy in your life today?
I am happily single and having fun.


Your show with your ex-husband Dave Navarro was one of the first reality marriage shows out there. What are your thoughts on the Housewives shows are you and avid watcher if so which one?
My guilty pleasure is reality TV. Atlanta Housewives are my favorite.

5 things we need to know about your Baywatch character Leilani “Lani” McKenzie?
1. Lani is from Hawaii
2. She was a dancer
3. She moved to LA to try and start a career in show business
4. She is a natural swimmer so she became a lifeguard
5. She fell in love with Cody.


Do you still have your Baywatch red swimsuit?
Yes. I have it framed in my house.

Carmen, I swear you don’t age. What are your tips for looking so flawless all us girls want to know?
Try to stay stress free and wash off your makeup at night.

How would you say your music has evolved since the early 90’s sound to the new pop electro sound of your new hit single “WERQ”?
My music then was played with all live instruments and my music now is more dance/pop/electro.


If you could collaborate with any musician today who would it be and why?
Peaches. She is so bad ass.

What is the next chapter for Carmen Electra?
I’m having fun and working hard. I have more music coming out and I will be filming a movie in London.


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