SUMMER ISSUE: Briana Evigan’s 6 Tips for a Bombshell Bod

From our Bombshells of Summmer issue, actress and full time babe Briana Evigan offers her best tips on how to get that bikini body.


1) Diet: this doesn’t mean go on a diet. I’ve learned to try and eat this way all year long, which means you can have more cheat meals! Starting with veggies and fruit up to 3 times a day. I’m a big veggie person so I have lots of fresh pressed juice but veggie juice drinks not fruit based drinks because those are so high in sugar. Eat fruit, drink vegetables. Grab a handful of carrots or an apple to snack on instead of a cookie or a power bar. Small portions over huge meals and clean food with minimal sauces. I love my meat! But I have to keep it in small doses and eat it alone or with spinach. I’m a salad queen and love cooking for myself. Sweet potatoes are a great fat burner to go along with exercise. Rice cakes with a little almond butter and jelly is also a light carb snack if your wanting more than veggies. Lots of fluids to top it off and flush you out.


2) Pilates on the reformer is my all time favorite work out, keeps me lean since I can bulk up being so muscular and athletic. I go up to 4 days a week depending on my schedule.


3) Hot yoga to balance my brain and keep me stretched out two days a week!

4) Fight training, kick boxing and Muay Thai help me get any of that excess craziness out in life that we all have. It also keeps me cut and looking awesome in a bikini!

5) Night time runs. I try to run up to 10 miles a week for that extra little burn at the end of the day and it also keeps my mind at ease.

6) Spin class can be like dancing on a bike. It’s always FUN! And also a great fat burner.

*On top of all this I say laughing, acting like a fool, and dancing are truly the best personal work outs you can do. Keeps you alive and feeling free. I mix up these work outs on a regular basis and feel amazing! When filming my upcoming movie, “Step Up All In”, I started a month early and was strict with little to no cheat meals and felt like it paid off even, though it was hard! Let me tell you I’m a girl that loves my food AND loves my exercise.

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