Your 2015 Summer Hookup Guide

Nothing puts more miles on you than the freedom of summer. More parties, less clothes, more heat, less inhibitions. You’ll meet a lot of sexy people this summer and here’s how to handle them…


Be Shallow | No really, be shallow. You’re not looking for a soul mate so why focus on his personality? One question: Is he hot? And even if the conversation is good, he isn’t paying attention anyway. Second Question: Is he really hot? Girl get it. He’s thinking about his lips on yours, so make it a reality. He may look like your future husband but he’s not. Take him home and play house!

Get What You Want! | You only have one life to live so live it to the fullest. You see that cutie over there by himself, talk to him. If you want him, go get him, you deserve an experience with him. You should go a fulfill every fantasy.

Get What You Need! | We all have needs that need to be met every once in a while…sexual, career, ego. Get a re-up when you hook up this summer. Climax, get ahead and feel good while doing it.

Protect Yourself | This is the most important. You don’t need any summer time souvenirs that you can’t get ride of. Yikes. Protect yourself no matter how cute he may be.

Document It | Take pictures. Screenshot. Talk about it. Write about it. Laugh about it. It’s hilarious to look back at flings and your experiences. Good times!

Be creative |  Make love in places you’ve never even thought of making love before. Guaranteed you’ll remember it for life.

Happy fornicating. #GoSummer2015

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