Which Summer haircut you should get based on where you live

As Summer approaches, it’s important to consider things like your next vacation destination, your Summer workout routine (which, if you’re me, is a purely theoretical feat), and, of course, what kind of hair you’ll be rocking.

Don’t ask me why (or do, because I’ll probably end up answering regardless), but with a change in weather simply must come a change in hair – on some if not A, then B, type shit.

But, I think we can all agree that we (the royal we, the collective we, we as an entity) end up feeling some type of way when the sun comes out. It’s the perfect time to implement cha-cha-cha-cha-changes, especially given the fact that human beings seem to need some false sense of a new beginning to implement said changes (ha ha ha this has taken a slightly absurdist turn, moving right along).

In any case, if you want to change your hair, I feel you.

I tend to change my hairstyle at least once every two months, and in the Summer, even more so.

So, the question isn’t if you’ll change your hair this Summer because inevitably, you will. But, the natural follow-up question is – how?

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Alright, alright, I’ll tell ya. Below you’ll find the exact hairstyle you should go for this Summer, according to where you live. Let’s begin:

A beachy area: Long, easy layers

If you’re rolling your eyes, good. This may have been a cliche answer to the beach area and maybe I should have put this second or something, but there’s a reason this cliche exists.

Long hair is always a fun accessory to bring to the beach, and the natural waves that tend to ensue as a result of the ocean (note how out of my way I went just to avoid using the term “beach waves”) are obviously a Summer look.

I feel like if you live somewhere with immediate access to a beach like California or Florida, having long fun hair is all a part of the Summer experience. Isn’t it like, a legal requirement for all LA residents that their hair must be at least twelve inches long? I read that online somewhere. I love politics, and also laws.

Anyways, next.

A big city: Long fringe

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but there’s something about a fringe that performs well in big cities. Further, whenever I see a woman running around New York with her messy fringe, oversized blazer and fitted Levi’s on, I’m always like Wow, Alexa Chung looks so good.”

But, for real, having a fringe in a big city automatically means while you’re busy, you also have your life completely together.

Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know why. I just feel like a fringe will protect you from all the #dangers and #tribulations that come with big-city livin’. Even after a long day of running around, your fringe will look messy and good and perfect.

Fringes are like converse; they get better with wear, and are meant to get a little messed up.

A desert area: Pixie cut

Well, since you’re all dealing with actual real #heat (should I stop ironically hashtagging things now? I’ll stop) practicality needs to come into play here: I get that.

That’s why I feel like you guys need a hairstyle that can take the heat — literally — and fare the humidity while still holding it’s place.

In this case, a short, simple haircut will serve you best. Fringes are always a look for the Summer, but you don’t want your gorgeous sweaty bangs stuck to your gorgeous sweaty face. It isn’t the end of the world, but if you live in a place like Arizona or Nevada, the last thing you need hair in your face/mouth/extremities all of the time. Just as Emma Gonzalez shaved her head simply because it’s hot in Florida, I feel as though in extremely hot places, the less hair you have to deal with on your head, the better.

Plus, short hair’s the best. There are so many options! This faux pixie cut was one of Emily Ratajkowski’s best looks IMO, but one trip to the #pixiecut tag on Instagram prove that a pixie cut is the move this Summer.

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A forested area: Shoulder-length bob

Is this AP Environmental Science class or Galore? Haha, am I right?

Anyway, if you live in a forested area: first of all, cool. Second of all, I got you.

You likely aren’t going to want to deal with fussy hair either. It’s not that I expect that every person who lives in a forest-y area goes hiking all of the time and does solely outdoors-y stuff, but I assume that when navigating and running around you’re not going to want a hairstyle you’ll have to worry about maintaining.

In which case, a shoulder-length bob is an easy and also ~breezy~ solution to a carefree summer fighting bears and sleeping in tents (just kidding, I swear I’m actually kidding).

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The Good Old-Fashioned Suburbs: Somethin’ wild and crazy

Okay, so we were in AP Environmental Science class a moment ago and now all of a sudden we’re not.

While “the good old fashioned suburbs” may not be a scientifically recognized regional term, you know what I mean. If you live somewhere in between the four aforementioned conditions: like, not quite on the mountainous peaks of Colorado but not also literally in the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, then you have a mission.

Because you aren’t limited by your place of residence, you can do whatever the fuck you want (of course, you still should regardless). Pictured above is some of my favorite wild hair from this week, though you know the possibilities are literally endless. Some experimental hair for the Summer is always fun, so why not go buck wild? Your Fall self will look back and thank you.

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