Tan À La Sophia Loren In 4 Easy Steps

Galore Glowing Summer Skin

Sophia Loren is a beauty icon, she’s got those classic, feline features that make elegance seem like the only option ever presented to her nature. Albeit naturally flawless, in the 80 years of Loren’s life, she still utilizes her hacks, tips, and regiments to maintain her beauty and grace. Her number one obsession: pellet, Italian for skin.

Loren is notorious for her tan, olive skin–gives her this ageless appeal. If you want to look at least a decade younger or simply look your absolute, infinite best…Well, here’s to glowing skin year round:

Galore Glowing Summer Skin

1. Discipline

Galore Glowing Summer Skin

“Discipline is the great equalizer.” You have to adamantly protect your skin in order to keep it rejuvenated. Make exfoliating part of your Sunday morning routine, weekly!

2. Sunscreen

Galore Glowing Summer Skin

We all hate it, but we all need it. This prevents wrinkles and marks on your skin, it is ESSENTIAL! If you’re planning on being out in the sun from the hours of 6:00AM til about 4:30PM definitely wear at least one layer of SPF 50.

3. Olive Oil

Galore Glowing Summer Skin

Yup, its good on our food and its good on our skin. Loren dozes her skin every night with olive oil and to sunbathe. Careful, don’t be tanning for more than 30 minutes with 10 minute intervals! We’re getting that nice, golden tan–not a lobster!

4. Moisture

Galore Glowing Summer Skin

Finally, all in par, moisturize! This will keep your skin cells refreshed and nourished.

Good luck ladies, lets bring back the hot in psychotic with our beauty obsessions!

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