5 Summer Beauty Lessons From Zuzuka Poderosa

As much as we all love summer, let’s be real, it’s hard to look cute when it’s 98 degrees outside and the only breeze blowing your way feels like it’s 102. Even though we spend all winter wishing summer would hurry up and get here, by the time it does, most of us are wishing we could turn back time.

But just like every January we all make resolutions that this year we’re going to be harder/better/faster/stronger, let’s all take a moment to make a summer resolution that we all can stick to: we’re not gonna let ourselves get beat by the heat.

While of course that’s all easier said than done, 
here are 5 summer beauty lessons from Brazilian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Zuzuka Poderosa’s new music video for her carioca bass single ‘Tambores.’

1. Two-Tone Nail Polish Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off


As an avid DIY-manicurist, time and time again I’ve heard women tell me that they just don’t have the time/skills to paint their own nails.  And I get it – with all those fancy nail polish tutorials out there, sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming, but I’m here to tell you that any idiot with a topcoat can keep up with their cuticles.  Take this simple, but striking two-tone nail polish job as modeled by Zuzuka herself: you don’t have to paint on a masterpiece to bring a little life to your polish game.

2. When In Doubt, Nothing Says Summer Like A Pair Of Matching Floral Prints.


Summer is all about cute, and nothing says cute like a pair of matching floral prints.  Plus, even if the rest of you is a mess, just by virtue of having on a matching outfit, people are going to think you look more put together than you go, guaranteed.

3. We Can All Be Having More Fun With Our Eyeshadow


Even though at some point in the day/night, all of your makeup is just going to melt off, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.  Why settle for a basic dusting of bronze when you can have a little fun with it?  Rim your eyelids with glitter or turquoise and try lining your under eye with a bold, neon color.  Life’s too short to be too serious with your makeup.

4. If You’re Gonna Wear Lipstick, Nothing Says Kiss Me Like A Nice Pink


Look at those lips – don’t you want lips like those?  I’m telling you, pink is the answer.  It’s light, it’s sexy, and it makes your lips look luscious as f-ck.

5. Braids Are A Girl’s Best Friend


Braids aren’t just for little girls anymore – from Game of Thrones to the streets of Brooklyn, there’s no better time to devote your spare time to mastering different ways to make sure your beautiful hair doesn’t turn into a sweaty mess.  Plus, when you unravel at the end of the night, your hair’s going to have a beautiful, natural wave about it.  Practice on those American Girl Dolls you still have lying around your house somewhere, but get on top of your braid game before summer overtakes us all.

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