Study Shows That Sex & Alcohol Give More Pleasure Than Kids & Religion

When you think back on your happiest moments in life, they probably revolve around a special someone or a certain party, rather than the times you spent in bed sick or washing the dishes.

As much as we may want to be good samaritans, we can’t deny that our happiest moments probably happen when we’re getting off or drinking up.

According to a new study done by The University of Canterbury in New Zealand, we can all let out a breathe of fresh air and realize that even the goodie-two-shoes in our life would probably rather be knocking back a cold one or getting laid.

In the study, participants were asked to rate a range of activities on what they called “pleasure maps” in three categories: pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Researchers also analyzed participants text messages to chart out their pleasure maps.

Across all three categories, sex topped the charts as the number one activity, therefore making it the most pleasurable and meaningful. Partying ranked second highest on the pleasure scale, but low on the meaning scale. Other activities that ranked low on the pleasure scale included “using Facebook,” “doing housework,” and “feeling sick.” Surprisingly to some, volunteering, religion, and childcare came out as the next three most highly pleasurable activities after sex and partying.

While it still remains a bit unclear exactly how this survey was administered and how results were analyzed, we can’t say that any of the results surprise us. I mean seriously, is there anyone who prefers feeling sick over having sex? Unless there’s some type of weird fetish involving loving contracting diseases, I doubt it.

While we’d love to see exactly what a “pleasure map” looks like, or find out how honest people were being when they ranked religion as their most pleasurable activity, for now all we can say is that this survey didn’t really teach us shit.

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