The Struggle Is Real: Winning Your Crush Over


You know that part in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan is describing her first crush and the scene has a little girl with Hermione hair trying to hug her crush and he pushes her away?

Yeah that’s me like everyday. Alright, not everyday, but definitely with one boy in particular. Who I’ve had a crush on for quite some time now and have tried the hair toss, cute outfits, etc. I even tried to casually get his number to hang out in which I was sadly rejected and had to ask my friends if I was ugly like that one episode of Spongebob.

Obviously, I threw that option out within seconds though because I’m pretty damn awe-inspiring. I’m trying to stop using bland words and looked up synonyms for awesome. So thank you Google for turning me into “awe-inspiring”.

But getting back on track. After the excruciatingly long period of crushing on this guy, it happened. I don’t know why or how, if it was just my awe-inspiring self that lured him in, or help from the tequila shots, but it did.

But then something happened. Which was that nothing happened. Nothing.

This entire buildup was the most exciting thing to happen. I even group texted my girlfriends so they could bask in this celebration with me. But I was left feeling more confused than before.

Which got me thinking. Is it more painful to have a crush on someone for a long time, yet have nothing happen? Or is it more painful to have a crush on someone, hook-up, then go back to things as they were before?

Crush limbo is the same feeling as waking up in the middle of the night after drinking and hitting your shin on the corner of the coffee table as you walk around aimlessly with your arms out, trying to reach for any sort of hydrating liquid.

So if you’re dealing with a crush situation and he hasn’t proposed to hang out or go to dinner, then stop walking around in the f*cking dark. Turn on the lights and go find someone else.

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