Strip Down to Basics: Michele Maturo Tells Us How to Do V-Day Right

There is no ignoring the vibrant reds, the hearts, the excessive amount of roses, and the overpriced chocolate boxes every February 14th. We either plan for this holiday weeks in advance, or we dread the day and wish it didn’t exist. Either way, it’s here, it’s close, and girls all around the globe are biting their nails in anticipation for what’s to come. I’m not here to be a hater, but I’m not bursting from the seams trying to profess my love for a Hallmark holiday either. Here are some tips for the single ladies and for those who would like to be a bit more authentic on the most predictable day of the year!


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If You Don’t Have a Valentine: DON’T Be Ashamed, OWN IT

And sure as hell don’t sit at home with a carton of ice cream watching Sex in the City dreaming of having your own ‘Mr. Big’. Call up your best friends; you may not be IN love but you can spend the evening with the ones you do LOVE. Having a girls’ night can take your mind off the stigma behind this day. Avoid watching chick-flicks, instead put on a comedy and laugh the night away!
Treat and Pamper Yourself

Have a relaxing and much needed spa day. If the spa’s are packed or if you’re on a tight budget, it’s okay too! Do your own nails, make your own healthy all natural DIY face mask and spend the day rejuvenating from the long work week.

Get Outside

If the weather permits, go on a hike, a walk, anything outdoors and get some fresh air. Use this as a day to do something for yourself and to give love and appreciation to your mind, body, and spirit.

But what if relaxing is the last thing you’d like to do? Maybe you really need a distraction! If you’re going through a break up or maybe this is your second year in a row with no Valentine, it’s ok to go out! Invite your girlfriends over and get ready together. Have a drink and DANCE! Even if it’s something super low key, it will help get your mind get off of things.

Stay Off Social Media

Do yourself a favor and DON’T get too drunk and spend the night glued to your phone! NO DRUNK CALLING/TEXTING/SOCIAL MEDIA RANTS! You’ll regret it in the morning. And the last thing you’ll want to see are a bunch of Michael Kors watches with bouquets of red roses flood your time line with the caption, “MY BABY DID GOOD!” Put your phone down and just enjoy living in the now.

If You are Cuffed on this Holiday, but on a Budget

Don’t let this money trap intimidate you or break the bank! There are so many creative, fun, INEXPENSIVE ways to show the one you love that you do in fact care. These tips go for every other day of the year as well, not just Valentine’s day.

Don’t Do Dinner Reservations

These are going to be next level, good luck with that! If you want to save yourself from a $100 dinner bill and the lack of privacy at a restaurant then, make dinner together! You can’t get more intimate than a romantic dinner for two, alone, in the comfort of your own home. Find your favorite recipe online and have some fun recreating it together! You can spice it up and cook in your sexy lingerie. That’s something you wouldn’t be able to do if you went out! 😉

What About a Gift?

I didn’t forget! Here’s another chance for you to apply some of your love and creativity to this day. Have you ever made a love coupon book? Try it! Example: ‘Good for 1 one hour massage’ ‘Good for 1 unloading of the dishwasher’ ‘ Good for 1 romantic night in’ ‘ Good for 1 new sex trick’ Write down a list of “activities” that your lover can redeem all year, by doing this you draw the romance out far beyond the 14th and into the rest of the year!



Let’s not forget the real meaning behind Valentine’s Day: it’s about creating moments, celebrating the ones we love and embracing each other. Let’s make this day better than the year before. Money and red hearts don’t define love, our actions do! Together we can change the stigmas behind this day by stripping it down to the basics.


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