Straight Outta Miami: Sheenon Olson’s 7 Tips For Perfect Hair

Between Art Basel and Drake’s Miami New Year’s Eve bash, there’s definitely a ton of reasons to visit Miami right now. If you’re in the ‘hood, be sure to check out Atma, the Sunset Harbour salon headed up by Atma’s Creative Director, Sheenon Olson (Also a photographer and celebrity stylist) with the company’s CEO, Ana Lessa. Not only does Atma handle all your haircare needs, but the salon also specializes in spray tans by SoBe Tan, nails, extensions, makeup, and photo studio services. Here, Sheenon Olsen drops knowledge on how to get fly for Drake’s Miami Bash, and of course, all (new) year round.
1.  Invest in a good stylist. Find somebody really good with color can make it so that you don’t need to go in as often which saves both your hair and your pocket book.
2.  Play up your best features.  If you have great curls but dark hair, paint in some subtle ombre to accent those waves!
3.  Do a hair mask once a week.  My personal favorite is the Gold Lust Masque by Oribe.
4.  Blondes, beware of brassiness. Purple shampoo is a must to keep warm and brassy hair at bay.
5.  The cheapest fix is buying a Tangle Tamer brush. It may look funny but this little brush will detangle your hair, wet or dry, without any breakage. Even the worst of knots can be tackled.
6.  For the guys! Try washing your hair every third day. Keep rinsing it in the shower, but skip the shampoo. Conditioner is okay, but if your hair gets oily quick, use a little bit of R+Co’s Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste to give your hair more texture and remove excess oil.
7.  This last one seems silly but…eating healthy helps grow your hair more than anything else. If you need, try getting some Biotin to help speed things up! •

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