Stop What You’re Doing and Watch OINTB’s Christmas Video

Christmas came early for Orange is the New Black fans. Yesterday, Netflix dropped a truly flawless Litchfield Penitentiary edition of the “Night Before Christmas”. Of course, as the women of Litchfield are fem-empowered badasses, they ultimately divulge to us that they robbed Santa to get everything they wanted. Boo even gets a new vibrating screw driver! You go Boo.


The video even has actress Laura Prepon, character Alex Vause. Fans were relieved to see Alex, switching out Jon Snow for once and reclaiming “Alex Vause is alive!”. For those of us who forgot, during the last episode of season three, Alex was cornered by the evil correctional officer, Aydin. Sadly, the video poem does not feature Natasha Lyonne, the actress who plays Nicky. We haven’t seen Nicky since she was sent to max early in season 3… #bringbackNicky. However, the video does feature all of our other favorites, including Flaca!  Red even says “swag”. Watch below if you want to be happy today.

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