Turns Out Eyelash Serum Is a Waste of Money

With so many beauty products on the market, it’s hard to know what’s worth shelling out money for and what’s simply a waste.

But thankfully, more and more people are making it their jobs to debunk pointless shit that you really don’t need.

Take, for example, eyelash serum.

It sounds lit, because longer lashes are dope and mascara is messy, but in reality eyelash serum works in a similar way as mascara. It simply fakes the illusion of longer and fuller lashes rather than actually making them grow.

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SELF debunked eyelash serums in a recent post that was chock full of great info, including the fact that most store-bought eyelash serums include biotin and castor oil, which are not anything special (or helpful).

In fact, cosmetic chemist Stephen Alain Ko explained that “What may be occurring is that the glossing and coating effect of oils can give the illusion that hairs are thicker. And it may also prevent breakage.”

Okay, so it isn’t all bad. Preventing breakage could be a plus if you constantly lose lashes, but most of us simply want growth. And $50 or so is a lot to pay for something that just makes your eyelashes look longer.

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From now on, we’ll stick to $8 mascaras from the drugstore, you can have your eyelash serum.

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