“Stop Caring About Other Peoples Body Weight”

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As usual someone has everyone has something to say about a woman’s weight. It’s so boring to talk to about at this point. At the Globes on sunday Gabourey Sidibe wore address that apparently reminded everyone that she’s not skinny: no shit.  This has never been the case, so to react so aggressively when Sidibe is not the same size as all the other women on the red carpet is beyond descriptions of ridiculous.

I’m not talking about whether Sidibe or any other larger woman is healthy or not, that is not my point or even anything I’m particularly interested in. But to talk about ANY woman’s body-weight, whether fat or skinny or somewhere in between, is inappropriate and actually just boring. I’ve definitely partook in conversations about women’s weight and it usually goes something like this:

Person 1: She looks so skinny.

Person 2: OMG I know she’s so skinny.

Person 1: That’s like too skinny.

Person 2: Are those her ribs?

Person 1: OMG she should eat a burger.

Person 2: Yeah she’s like anorexic.

Person 1: Boys don’t like girls that are too skinny.

Boys don’t like you PERIOD, well maybe COMMA, but constant rejection is real ladies. So even if you had the ultimate body, whatever that might be, he’d probably still hate something about you. If you do like to workout and stay healthy, don’t let the motivation be to impress a dude. Even though, one of my greatest aspirations is to feature in strip club scene in a hip hop video, but that’s something i’m dealing with ok ok ok?

Whether you’re talking about a fat actress on the red carpet or skinny model on the runway, the problem is you’re talking about it. A woman’s body is her own to do what she wants with, whether that woman is living a healthy lifestyle or not its really no one else’s business but her own, and again it’s boring.

Obviously we all formulate opinions on certain people in regards to their size because, women in particular, are constantly made to feel aware of their bodies. It’s impossible to not feel some type of way about how a woman looks whether it be positive or negative, but we’re all exhausted by it.

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