11 boujee gifts to buy your stoner bae for Valentine’s Day

Calling all stoner couples and marijuana newbies! Does your bae love to smoke some boujee shit? Do you want to dive into the world of cannabis this Valentine’s Day? Do you have a hard time navigating the world of weed when it comes to getting gifts for them? No problem!

We’ve put together a list of some brands that make some boujee products for you and your stoner bae to enjoy together, especially on Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s in the bedroom or just for walking around on a sunny day together, this list has it all.

1. Dosist

You may already know this company by their previous name of Hmbldt, because they source their marijuana from family farms in Humboldt County, CA. The baby-company was founded in 2016 and they’re already catching the eye of celebrities such as Jen Atkin. They have recently rebranded and changed their name to Dosist.

The reasons these oil pens are cool? For one, their design is sleek, modern, and great for new smokers. The pen vibrates once you’ve had the correct dose, so that if you are new to smoking, you won’t get in over your head. They also have specific formulas for what you want: bliss, sleep, calm, arouse, relief, and passion. Each pen has tips inside telling you other ways to achieve the feeling – for instance, the bliss pen will tell you to also exercise or smile.

Secondly, they actually work the way they say they will. For Valentine’s, I recommend the arouse, because it works like a charm. Especially if you sometimes have a hard time relaxing during sex or enjoying it fully, arouse is an amazing barrier breaker. Passion is another great choice and it’s meant to heighten sexuality. Who doesn’t love a good smoke before you bone?!

2. The Hepburns

If you suck at making pre-rolls but you still want to give your bae some joints made with love, check out The Hepburns. They hand-make their pre-rolls with their own ice water hash in San Francisco and distribute to dispensaries throughout California. You can figure out which location is closest to you through a map on their website.

They packaging is super cute, and you got to love the name (ode to Audrey Hepburn, I hope). Bonus? They’re lady-owned and lady-run! Why not support women when buying gifts this Valentine’s?

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3. Lord Jones

This is a brand made for those who love to lounge around in silk robes all day and drink champagne as if it were water. Are you the kind of couple that lives a little too lavishly? Lord Jones is the brand for you. Their packaging looks like Hermès, and I feel like I’m in Paris just by looking at their products.

My personal favorite are their famous all natural old fashioned gumdrops, but their sea salt caramels (that are expertly crafted) might be more appropriate for Valentine’s. These candies are sexy and perfect for a little bed time pre-game. They also have CBD topical lotions for pain and wellness if you want to get a quick massage in, too.

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4. Legal by Mirth Provisions

Mirth Provisions has a bunch of different products, but my favorite is Legal, their all-natural sparkling tonics infused with cannabis extract. They have five flavors infused with different strains, meaning each flavor is consumed for different vibes.

If you want to do nothing and watch TV with your bae all night, try the Lemon Ginger. Try the Pomegranate if you guys want to have an all-nighter. You won’t be disappointed, especially since they taste as good as their marketing looks (they have some really fun videos on their website to explain their products).

5. Whoopi & Maya

This brand is unfortunately only distributed in California and Colorado, but their products don’t disappoint. If you and your boo love to take long baths together, or if you love to force them to rub your feet for hours, Whoopi & Maya are perfect for you.

And guess who the fuck it’s owned by? Whoopi damn Goldberg and founder of Om Edibles, Maya Elisabeth. The brand was created to help those with menstrual pain, which is amazing that there are products out there specified for the worst time of the month for some.

The first thing I recommend from Whoopi & Maya is their soak, a medicated epsom salt mix. “When epsom salts are combined with cannabis, skin nourishing oils, and therapeutic grade essential oils, they are even more powerful. Soaking in one of our medicated bath soaks-full of skin beneficial oils, leaves hair and skin feeling soothed and nourished,” according to their website. The soak comes in three fragrances.

The brand also has a cannabis body balm called rub, which is perfect for those late-night, candle-lit massages on Valentine’s. Afterwards, you can enjoy a cup of hot sipping chocolate using their savor – yes, just like at La Durée, but with cannabis. And you can support a black-owned business at the same time!

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6. Boy Smells

This one won’t get you high, but it will get you in that Valentine’s mood! Candles are a must for a Valentine’s celebration, and Boy Smells offers a cannabis infused candle, called Kush.

The Kush candle also includes suede, white musk, tulip, and amber, and runs cheaper than most candle cult faves at $29. I personally have this candle and the burn time has lasted a while – almost 20 hours so far. Their packaging is also cute as hell, and totally unisex so that everyone can enjoy.

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7. Au Box

A cannabis subscription box, what more could you need? Au Box curates specific boxes monthly, and you can choose to receive it once, for 3 or 6 months, or the whole year. They have multiple box options, including a Beauty Box, a Man Box, and even a Pet Box.

The Man Box or the Beauty Box are great for your boo if they smoke and you don’t! They will love being spoiled by the luxury box, especially when they find out they include things like pre-rolls, flower, and even some of the products mentioned in this article like #9, FORIA, and #1, Dosist.

The best one for Valentine’s for yourself (or to share) is the Intimates box, and it can include lingerie, massage oil, bath bombs, and pre-rolls with a formula specific for enhancing sexual pleasure.

They also sell a bunch of fun boujee cannabis products “à la carte” on their website, including a solid gold joint case, grinder, and rolling papers. HELL YES, THAT’S A LIFESTYLE.

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8. Lowell Herb Co.

Lowell Herb Co. is awesome because they only use organic fertilizer, they don’t use synthetic pesticides, they use natural materials, and they insist on paying their farmers a real, living wage.

They also sell these amazing flower bouquets – no not roses! Straight up herb in a bouquet mixed with lavender stems and other aesthetically pleasing plants. It looks like your farmer boyfriend hand-picked you a bouquet from his garden, except it’s weed, and you can smoke it.

Can we talk about how wild this thing is? No better way to tell your boo, “I love you, let’s get high.”


FORIA made it big because it creates the first products of its kind of all-natural oils made for sexual enhancement. It was also created specifically for women to use alone or with their partners – so many boss lady brands on this list!

“FORIA Pleasure was created to benefit women’s health and well-being by opening the door to natural, euphoric pleasure,” according to their website. I can’t argue with that MO! FORIA is out to help women achieve relaxation, heightened sensation, intense orgasms, natural lubrication, and reduced pain and tension. Basically, whatever you’re looking to achieve in the bedroom, FORIA is on a mission to help you with that.

This product is perfect for a couple who is running into specific issues in the bedroom, or those who want to explore different depths of sexual experience together.

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10. Kush Kakery

These cake pops are not like the ones sold at Starbucks, just saying. Kush Kakery makes their pops fresh daily, and the brand has seasonal flavors (meaning they switch it up often, which is awesome).

They make over 30 kinds of cake pops seasonally that include different strains and flavors. Their most popular is their gold cake pop, called Acapulco Gold. It’s made with peanut butter brownie and peanut butter chocolate dipped in gold with some gold shimmer added. This boujee dessert is perfect to share with your boo post-Valentine’s Day dinner!

11. Madame Munchie

Wow. The crème de la crème. Weed macarons. It doesn’t get more boujee than this, folks. This is an amazing treat for winding down after a long Valentine’s Day with your boo.

Madame Munchie‘s macarons are not only gorgeous, they are also delicious. If this French classic dessert is your favorite to share with a loved one, this brand won’t let you down. It’s hard to find a good macaron brand in general, let alone a cannabis infused one, so Madame Munchie is impressive and a must-try, alone or with your bae.

They want to “provide wellness, relief and a delicious smoke free alternative for [their] patients,” according to their website. They use local ingredients and they test all of their cannabis in a lab to make sure they have the correct potency and consistency in every macaron.

They even have madeleines, if you want something a little less sweet but still just as French and boujee.

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