Sticks & Stones Agency Tells Us How To Find The Perfect Sunnies

We have a new favorite couple, or shall we say, UNCOUPLE? Australian lovers Ainsley Hutchence and Sebastian Fogere happen to be the coolest hubby/wifey we’ve ever seen, but it’s not just their good looks that have us obsessing. Aside from being aesthetically rad, they’ve founded which is a rad online store and directory of rad people doing rad things. They are f***ing cool, smart, and talented at both creative directing and styling. What’s not to love?! We had to talk to Ainsley about #freethenipple, her chill site, and clearly needed some of this hottie’s style tips. Read it all below!

Galore Mag Sticks And Stones

Tell us about your Insta-drama! Why did Instagram delete you? Do you still support #freethenipple despite the drama it has caused you?

[Laughs] We have kind of accidentally became the new face for #freethenipple & #freethebush since Instagram deleted our account along with 106K followers a month or so ago. The photo that took us down was of 2 twins standing side by side on a beach in high cut swimmers. They were completely natural & unaltered in every way, including still having their bush in tact (which of course was spilling out of the side of their swimmers). The photo was in no way sexual or demeaning. In fact, I found it to be incredibly empowering. Here are 2 girls giving zero f***s about what the media tells them is acceptable and ideal. To me, these girl look truly free of all the bullshit. 

On the other hand, you have all these amazing celebrities who have to deal with this intense pressure to be perfect and often find themselves under the knife opting for surgery. Then the minute they get it, the press is all over them again, but this time outraged and shocked that the celeb would get a face lift. The whole thing is sickening. Sorry I’m ranting… But thanks to the Huffington Post putting intense pressure on Instagram, our account has since been restored and Instagram actually admitted to making a mistake in this instance. Holy shit!

How would you describe your aesthetics?

It’s hard to see it from an outside perspective. For us, it just is what it is and it’s always evolving. It’s everything that we love. Words that have described us in the past are edgy, quirky, playful, energetic, and f***ing weird????

What look and attitude does the perfect Sticks and Stones girl possess?

Hmm, let’s see. They don’t have any particular look, they just are whatever they are and they don’t give a f*** about what anyone else thinks they should be. Typically, they have do have colored hair 🙂

We love the SHOP section on your site. Any plans to add more custom merch?

Oh wow, thank you! We have so much work to do on the shop section. This has been neglected for sometime now. We definitely have plans to add a bunch of rad quirky bits and bobs to it. Also, some Sticks & Stones tees are coming very soon.

How do you find the perfect pair of sunnies?

Big face, big sunnies and small face small sunnies. Big shoes big ______.

What’s the main difference between Australian girls and American girls?

American girls wear more clothes.

You’re all about being natural nudity, nature, farm animals. etc. What advice do you have for girls who are trying to be more natural in this increasing artificially driven world?

Its easier for us here. Our climate allows us to be outside year round, especially where we are based (a small coastal town called the Sunshine Coast in Queensland). But even I can go weeks without being in nature when work is busy. On my plane trip back from NY last week I watched a Ted’s talk that was about slowing down. It really inspired me to switch off and get out more. The more I do that, the more productive I am. In fact, I feel like I get more done now in much less time. Nature is so energizing and inspiring. I highly recommend getting amongst it.

Galore Mag Sticks And Stones

Galore Mag Sticks And Stones

Galore Mag Sticks And Stones

Galore Mag Sticks And Stones

Galore Mag Sticks And Stones

Galore Mag Sticks And Stones

Galore Mag Sticks And Stones

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