STI Testing Is Now As Easy As Tapping A Button


Planned Parenthood has just launched a mobile app that will allow you to get screened for common STIs from home rather than in a clinic. All you have to do is order a urine testing kit from your phone, and the package will be sent right to your mailbox. Send back the kit with a urine sample, and if the test is positive, Planned Parenthood will send a prescription for your infection right to your door.

It would seem that we really are, officially living in the future. But, there are a few down sides to the new service. First and foremost, for now, Planned Parenthood is only offering it in California. However, they assured everyone upon announcement this past Tuesday that they will be working hard to implement the service in every State as soon as possible. Another important aspect about the kit is that it is only testing for two of the most common STIs–chlamydia and gonorrhea. So, this is by no means a comprehensive exam.

Even so, there is no debating that the app will provide patients with extra privacy and convenience. No doubt, doctor’s visits for routine check ups and testing can sometimes end up taking hours, even in the most efficient offices. With that in mind, we’re thanking Planned Parenthood for bringing sexual health into the future, and making it a whole lot easier.

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