Stephanie Covell’s Official Guide To Stylish Hot Spots In Japan

Meet Stephanie Covell. She was Paris Hilton in her past life, and she has infinite style in her present life. We thought this quirky dresser might have a blast during her two month adventure in Japan, and we were right. From Tokyo shopping destinations to top secret hot springs, here’s Stephanie’s guide to Japan.

Photo By Maya Kibbel

You’ve been in Japan almost 2 months, have you experienced any crazy Tokyo action?

Honestly, I think Tokyo is mild in some aspects compared to NYC. I grew up in New York and have lived there for my entire life pretty much. Perhaps I’m jaded, but Akihabara is probably the most intense place I’ve experienced here. 

What’s the biggest difference between Japan and America?

Oh my gosh! It’s so clean, everywhere!

What 5 places/activities would you most recommend for people visiting Japan?

 1. Hakone Hot Springs

2. Owl Cafe

3. Bunny Cafe

4. Black Sesame

5. Matcha Ice Cream

What city have you loved the most in Japan?

KYOTO. KYOTO. KYOTO. I want to live there. It’s so ancient and beautiful.

Are there any stores you would recommend people to go to in Tokyo?

Don Quixote for makeup and nail art accessories, cosplay and sex shops in Akihabara and thrift stores in Shimokitazawa.

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