Steal A Hair Tip From The Kardashian’s Hairstylist Jen Atkins

The Kardashians rarely look anything less than flawless, and Jen Atkin is the one responsible for taming their hair. While she’s been famous for a minute now, with over 900,000 followers on Instagram, it seems like today she is just happening to have a media field day. The New York Times just published a feature asking a question that the answer is probably a resounding yes, “Is Kim Kardashian’s Hairstylist the Most Influential in the World?” If you ask Atkin herself though, she sites talents other than her hair styling for her success, “I’m very good at marketing myself,” Ms. Atkin said. “I do what I do, and I’m good for what I do, but I’m not the best hairstylist.”, but the article points out that Variety and WWD are awarding her a Stylemaker of the Year award this week. She’s also not planning on slowing down any time soon, she already runs ManeAddicts, a hair content site that you will booking marking for future inspo, Mane University professional hairstyling classes, and is looking to launch a line of products named Ouai next year. If you can’t wait until then and want to incorporate a bit of Atkn into your routine, you can read her dish-all on her own routine on Refinery29, and in the mean time, try the trick we are definitely going to steal for the ultimate low-key chic styling, “[Post-cleansing], on my 45-minute commute to Calabasas [to style the Kardashians], I’ll put my wet hair in a middle-parted, low ponytail. I loop the ponytail through, so my ends stay straight. That gives a cool little dent to my hair.”

Image via Mike Rosenthal for The New York Times

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