STDiaries: I Lived With Scabies, And Now I Can’t Sleep In Other People’s Beds

Name: A. Oswald

Age: 22

Current city: San Francisco

Occupation: Chase Bank teller

What STD do you have? I had scabies.

What are the symptoms of the STD? 

You get a rash that looks like a cluster of red bumps on certain parts of your body. It’s a mite that burrows under your skin. I got it in my elbows, under my boobs and in my armpits. It’s unbelievably itchy and if you scratch too hard, it will blister.

Is there medication for it/is it curable?

It’s curable—your doctor will give you a cream or a lotion that you have to apply over your entire body and reapply every couple of hours for at least a week. I also had to wash my sheets, all my clothes,

When were you diagnosed?

I made an appointment with my school’s clinic once my rash formed.

Where you already experiencing symptoms when you were diagnosed?

Yeah, I was really itchy and then the rash formed within a day and I immediately made an appointment with the clinic because I couldn’t sleep it was so itchy.

Do you know how you contracted the STD?

I slept with my friend’s roommate. Apparently, some other girl slept with him the week before and she had scabies. He contracted it from her and when I slept over in his bed, I contracted it from him.

How has having this STD affected your life? 

I didn’t go out in public for a week because I felt so ugly with the rash and I could barely do anything, I was so itchy all the time. I also told my roommate and she had to wash all of her clothes and sheets just to be safe. It was awful.

Your love/sex life (relationship with partner if you have one)?

I never talked to that asshole again, and I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with someone else for a couple of months because I felt so grossed out.

Did the medication have any side effects? 

The medications didn’t have any side effects, but it was so annoying that have the cream stick to all my clothing.

If curable: how will this affect the way you live your life once you’re cured? 

Unless I’ve been dating the guy for a while and know for a fact he’s not sleeping with anyone else, I won’t sleep in someone else’s bed.

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