Stalgia gives us an anthem for being emo about your boo

R&B pop duo Stalgia is releasing their debut LP, “Nomad” today — and we got dibs on one of the hottest tracks called “Electric.” We’ve all been there, so this is a tune we can all relate to since it’s about the frustration of feeling invaluable and weak in a relationship that is completely unclear.

Maybe I’m only speaking on my own behalf here, but that means there’s like, a theme song for basically every relationship we’ve been in — right?

It’s been a year since their first single release, “In the Trees,” — and we’ve been promised the new album has “gotten more personal” and allowed band members Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie to tap much deeper into their artistry. Today marks an interesting event also, in which five of the albums’ tracks are being featured on various outlets…

The song is one you should add to that playlist for when you’re being super emo about your boo — with Lauren’s poetic lyrics and electronic vibes, you’ll soon be in the zone and hopefully visualizing-slash-conjuring a better boo in your life.

Stalgia ultimately hopes listeners will get a giant dose of realness and good energy with all their new songs — but “Electric” is pretty tasty, vibey and real all at once.

Take a listen to “Electric” here:


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