Happy Hot Irish Guys Day!

By today, you’ve probably already been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with lots of green alcohol the past two weekends (like I have). However, today’s Irish pride and emerald-colored activities will not go to waste! Even if you’ve got work, or have finals, I’m sure you can sneak away from your responsibilities to at least indulge in looking at some Irish hotties…Besides, maybe you’ll actually get lucky this year?

1. Jamie Dornan


Even if you (sadly) have to realize that he’s not really Christian Grey, we’ll still gladly take him!

2. Liam Neeson


This shot may have been in his glory days when he hooked up with Janice Dickinson and she said he had a huge cock, but we’re on the market for a sugar daddy anyways…

3. Michael Fassbender 


Okay.. he might be German-Irish, but we won’t tell if you won’t.

4. Colin Farrell

Galore+Colin_FarrellWe keep telling ourselves we’re going to stay away from bad boys, but why do guys like Colin Farrell have to make this so difficult?

5. Jack Reynor

galore_Jack_ReynorSpeaking of bad boys, we love a man who’s not afraid to get a little dirty..

6. Jonathan Rhys Meyers 

Galore_Jonathan_rhy_meyersWow, okay. Mr. Meyers might have to be my personal favorite. Not to mention he gets cast as the sexiest roles on TV (hello Dracula and King Henry).

7. Robert Sheehan

Galore_Robert_SheehanWhat a cutie is this young Irish lad? Not to mention, if you’ve got a thing for curls you’ll be very satisfied.

8. Colin O’Donoghue

Galore_Colin_odonoghueDon’t worry Colin, we’re happy to follow any demands you make of us 😉

9. Jonas Armstrong

Galore_Jonas_ArmstrongSo… are Irish men intentionally cast as the crushes of our childhood or something? I mean… Robin Hood?! This is just asking for some role-playing…

10. Cillian Murphy

Galore_Cillian_MurphyAnd on an end note, here’s another Irish type-cast bad boy we’d love to get our hands on…

Happy Saint Patties Day babes! Did we forget anyone?

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