Spring Cleaning: Guy Edition


Cleaning out your contacts is much more fun than cleaning out your closet. And if you’re like me and recently became single, then the changing of the seasons is a perfect opportunity to step back in the game. Out with the old boys and in with the new boys.

Throw It Out If It’s Been Too Long:

They say if you haven’t worn it in a year then it’s time to throw it out. And I say, if you haven’t had any form of communication or random run ins with him then it’s time to go into your phone and delete his number. What good is it to carry around dead weight? Plus the extra storage on your phone will leave you with enough room to accept new numbers.

Dust Off Old Flames:

Maybe you friend zoned someone in your past who was actually a decent f***ing dude. Well it doesn’t hurt to give him a shout out, even if you only end up getting coffee with him.

Donate Gently Used Possessions:

Maybe you know a guy who was everything you hate in a man, but he’s everything your friend is swiping through Tinder for. Save your girl some trouble and pass those digits along if they’re a better fit.


Replace Cold Hearted Boys With A Warmer Personality:

If you’re typically into a guy who’s too cool for school, then try finding someone who is warmer and more affectionate to match the season. Obviously this doesn’t mean to go after overly emotional and sensitive guys, but definitely more understanding ones.

Try Things On To See If They Still Fit:

Before throwing out a perfectly good pair of jeans in your closet that you have only worn a handful of times, try them back on to see if they fit. The same goes for boys. Maybe there is someone you went on a few dates with and there was no real reason why the two of you fell out of touch. Give him a ring.

Take Risks:

Finally, trying new trends and items of clothing you never thought you could pull off is a must during spring cleaning. But in our situation, take risks with new guys. Try dating guys you would have written off before. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to ask the hot guy in your building out. Whatever the case may be though, I hope you have the courage to take a chance on love this spring.

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