The Only 6 Shoes You Need For Spring Break

If you’re focused on finding the perfect Spring Break swimmies and getting your body in presentable bikini condition, chances are too real that you’ll forget about the importance of footwear. If you only bring, like… a pair of sandals, it’s likely that you’ll: lose a flip flop trying to do a keg stand, your poor toes will be trampled to death in a Miami beach mosh pit, or your friends will force you to take a break from beach drinking and you’ll be left scrambling for acceptable footwear. Don’t make the mortal mistake of bringing only one pair of shoes, ruining them (or forgetting when you walk-of-shame out of a random’s hotel room at 11 am). This will only lead to you walking bare foot for the rest of the trip. Here are the some of the cutest and most practical shoes you must bring. Our Galore Girls will be prepared for any occasion, and you won’t have to risk ruining your pedicure.


1. Sneaks are essential!

They protect your feet from drunk kids who might accidentally trample you. They’re also the best defense against inevitable vomit-pools. And if the ab-tastic frat hottie you meet on the beach wants to try and teach you to longboard, you’ll need something other than sandals.

galore_mag_mother_of_pearlMother Of Pearl



2. Heels to look hot!

You might not believe it, but you might actually get SOOO sick frying your skin in the blazing sun and dealing with sand up your buttcrack that you decide to try out a club. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re missing a key piece of your outfit 15 minutes before you’re suposed to be somewhere. These are cute and versatile enough for brunch, partying, or whatever you feel like. Just make sure you’re not so wasted you fall off your heels.






3. Sandals are the Holy Grail of Spring Break footwear.

Easy AF to throw on and look cute with virtually anything. Face it, these might be the only shoe you end up wearing, but it’s good to have options.


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