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When it comes to fitness and healthy eating, Crosby Tailor knows his stuff! Not only is he dreamy, but he’s well educated in nutrition. Who doesn’t want a boyfriend that can cook for you while simultaneously making you skinnier? Yup, nobody and definitely not our Galore Girls. We decided to get some spring break tips straight from the model, trainer, nutritionist and superhero himself! See what Crosby had to say about your bikini bod below. 

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Written By Crosby Tailor

With Spring Break around the corner, it’s time to shed those last couple pounds and sweat out that last bit of water weight. Tighten and tone those arms and legs with just a couple more lunges and deep squats to make that ass POP! Also, beach bods require a little more discipline with diet so those abs are right. The option is always out there for some weird diet fad – taking a short cut with synthetic toxic supplements (pretty much starving yourself), but don’t you want to get the beach body you deserve and also feel good on the inside? It’s time to have your cake and eat it too by following some of these simple tips to cleanse, tighten, tone and maintain your sexiness. Tune in next week for tips to control your stress hormone “cortisol,” create a vibrant glow, and maintain all of this new beauty from the inside out!

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Bo Janicic, Tavia Rae Bonetti & Eddie Mitsou


If you’ve been going a little too hard with the processed foods, too many dinners out, heavy refined oils and sugars, high glycemic starches and toxins, then it’s time to CLEANSE.

1. Probiotics – Food based probiotics like coconut water kefir and fermented veggies like kimchee and saurkraut will help to reestablish some positive gut flora aiding in digestion, sugar cravings, and elimination. A good probiotic supplement will relieve bloating and give you a little edge to a flatter stomach this spring break season.

2. Triphala – Available in powder form to make a tea or as a capsule, Triphala will help to remove impurities from your system, cleaning you out and then rejuvenating the lining of your intestines. Strengthening the digestive system means you’ll absorb more nutrients in your food so you’ll be less inclined to overeat.

3. Colonic – Some people believe in it and some just don’t, so go with your gut! However, colonics are a great jumpstart to cleansing the system and then repopulating the gut with the good stuff. Make sure you get a good reference on who to go see. You need to be comfortable with what’s about to go down, literally.

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Bo Janicic

Jessica Serfaty


Time to tone up so your looking nice and lean in that beautiful tan. You never know when and who’s taking a pic, so just always be ready with your new tight bod.

1. Lay off the High Sugar/Starches – Gluten, grains, high glycemic desserts, refined sugars, and that means all of the above from breads, pastas, tortillas, rice, cereals, granolas and pastries – some of these are quite obvious but even some grains and beans can be causing inflammation in your body! This will create a bloated look and mess with your insulin/blood sugar causing your body to hold onto unwanted fat and water weight. To really shed you gotta replace the carbs with good healthy thermogenic fats like:

Coconut oil/MCT oil/or more specifically Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

CLA’s from grass fed ghee like ancient organics or CLA supplements

Omega 3’s from wild fish/sardines, fish oils, grass fed meats

Mononunsaturated fats from good organic olive oil and avocado

Bulletproof Coffee as your morning meal where you blend coffee, mct oil, and ghee. Sdd bulletproof collagen for a sustainable source of protein and a delicious latte taste.

2. L-Carnitine – With fat as your new fuel source speed up the fat burning with the amino acid L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria to be used for efficient energy. To really ramp up the energy production, try it alongside an herbal supplement known as Coleus Forskohli. Coleus assists weight loss by breaking down fat deposits which then will be used as access energy.

3. DIM – DIM naturally occurs in all cruciferous veggies like cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, collards, watercress, and radishes. It’s best to steam, saute or juice these babies as raw can be tough on the digestive track and not worth the risk of the bloat pre bathing suit. DIM can also be taken as a supplement and my favorite comes from Whole World Botanicals – Maca Plus DIM for women. The “good” estrogen metabolites along with increased free testosterone promoted by DIM increases fat mobilization and a fat-burning metabolism while also helps to balance your hormones.


HIKE – Go on regular hikes to get that vitamin D and your booty right.

PILATES – Take some Pilates or Barre Classes where they focus on tiny muscles to tighten and tone,

YOGA – Hatha Yoga to lengthen and Kundalini Yoga to speed up your metabolism and de-stress your mind.

LIFT – If you have access to a gym, don’t be afraid of the weights. Just do high reps with barely any weight and try out the power plate to rid your body of excess cellulite. Try not to go too hard if your body isn’t used to it, this will cause inflammation and you won’t be going anywhere in your bikini.

BOX – Add in some high intensity with a boxing lesson. Although it can be intense it’s all fun so your cortisol levels shouldn’t spike too much.

DANCE – Take a dance class which is another high intensity workout, but you get to do what you love and playing is the best way to workout. Enjoy your workouts and you will control your stress hormone.

Tavia Rae Bonetti

Your body is your temple and the only one you’ve got (at least this time around), so stay consistent with your eating habits, exercise, try to keep your stress levels low, and be grateful. Your body will reward you if you reward it! There’s plenty of options for those who can’t go 0-100 though. For those of you that have sweet cravings, it’s time to give up the refined sugar treats and eat desserts that keep your metabolism boosted and don’t spike your insulin. At Eat Dessert Burn Fat, we make sugar, gluten, and grain free cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and pancakes with special MCT and probiotic infused icings. Literally, have your cake and eat it too with my guilt free desserts. Check out what I’m making next on Instagram and visit my website!

Photos By Adam Mont

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