Your Spring Break Bang Survival Kit

We all know that you want to get laid on Spring Break, I do too. However, there are a few things you’re going to have to fit into your little carry-on bag among your crop-tops and string bikinis


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I know, I know, guys are supposed to be the ones providing these if they’re going to get laid, right? I completely agree… but let’s not forget that guys are idiots. You’ll encounter some dudes who filled half of their suitcase with Magnums, and the other half who “forgot” to bring any in hopes that a girl will let them hit it raw. Don’t let your drunken hook-up turn into an unwanted trip to the student health center the following week… or even worse, a spring break love-child.

2. Birth Control

Another seemingly obvious necessity, but if you forget to bring your pill pack, you are actually f***ed. First off, you will likely get your period if you’re not taking your pills, and second off, you’re super likely to get pregnant if you miss your pill for more than 2 days. In other words, set like thirty reminders to make sure to pack it, and then set an alarm every day so you remember to take one with your morning mojito.

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3. Cheeki- and lots of bikinis. 

Nobody wants to get a yeast infection or a UTI on spring break, however if you’re having lots of coitus and/or sitting around in a wet bikini all day, you might. Cheeki is the perfect thing to stuff in your beach bag or clutch if you’re transitioning straight from the beach to the club. Besides, wet spots on jean shorts is never a good look for anyone.

4. Lipbalm & Sunscreen

Believe me, I totally understand wanting to get as tan as possible in the 5 days you have in Cabo, but getting burnt the first day will ruin that pretty fast. At least make sure to apply sunscreen and chapstick (with spf) in the morning so that if you’re hammered by noon and don’t re-apply you won’t completely fry (hopefully). Nobody wants to kiss flaky lips, and getting spanked with a raging sun-burn sounds painful (and not the kind that brings pleasure).

5. A positive attitude

Okay, so maybe the dude with the six pack sitting next to you at the bar ended up going for the chick with her nipples pierced, don’t sweat it. Do you understand how many hot, horny dudes are going to be at your disposal on this trip? Additionally, if a guy starts talking to you that’s not your type, don’t automatically dismiss him. He might bring you over to his group of friends who are way hotter, and you can set him up with your friend that’s actually into mullets.

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