Sorry But Your Fake Bag Was Possibly Made By Child Laborers

There are lots of reasons not to buy a fake designer bag.

You could get exposed and shaded by your rich nemesis, you could get into a sketch situation in the back of some tiny shop in Chinatown, and in some places you can even get arrested or fined.

But another reason, for those of us who have hearts, is that your fake Louis V is probs to most def being made by some little kid that’s chained to a sewing machine.

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Sure, some designers and fast fashion brands also use some sus methods of manufacturing, but they’re held accountable, at least most of the time. The people making your fake Gucci wallets or fake Kylie lip kits are not registered and therefore don’t have to answer to any better business bureau BS.

From Business of Fashion:

London-based intellectual property lawyer Mary Bagnall describes scenes of horror — children chained to sewing machines; people locked in underground factories in remote corners of China — that characterize an industry so lucrative yet so low-risk that some crime gangs are getting out of the drugs and people-trafficking businesses and into fakes.

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Yes, you read that right, they’re comparing drug cartels and sex trafficking to the industry that made your fake Yeezy Boosts that you were so proud of passing off as “the real thing.”

Sus? Most definitely.

If you thought that the only people harmed by you buying a fake was the designer brand that already had enough money, you’re wrong. Maybe you should think twice before trying to pull off a name brand bag that you can’t afford.

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