Sorry, Guys Aren’t Having More One Night Stands Than Girls

Guys love to make everyone think they’re getting laid 24/7.

Girls, on the other hand, keep their thot-tivities on the DL for the most part, because slut-shamers are still lurking at every corner.

Because of this, it’s easy to assume that most good-looking guys are inviting over a new rando babe each night, and girls are browsing Tinder for their true love and using the “third date rule.”

But, times are changing, and girls are actually having slightly more one night stands than dudes, according to SKYN Condoms 2017 Millennial Sex Survey.

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55% of the female survey respondents said they’ve had one or more one night stand, whereas only 45% of guys said the same. Obviously, this isn’t a huge difference, but the number of girls reporting they’d had one night stands increased by 7% from last year, whereas males decreased by 25%.

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You also have to acknowledge the stereotype that guys are way more likely to lie and say they’ve banged more people, whereas girls may be inclined to lie and say less. A stereotype that is most likely true, even in anonymous surveys like these.

So, what can we take from this?

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Well, boys might be the OG players, but once ladies start getting in the game, they legit always win. It’s just way easier to get laid as a girl than a guy, and guys have nobody to blame for it but themselves. If girls weren’t conditioned to think that putting out for a rando was “bad” and “un-lady-like,” guys would probably get it in more. Or, you know, if guys stopped being such desperate dorks.

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