Sorry But Finstas Are For Babies

Finsta is basically the new Facebook status, but the Facebook status of your middle school years. They are usually boring as sh*t or wayyyyy too personal. Mostly homies post about sh*t no one cares about out.

Finstas are just like a regular Instagram, as each account is a collection of photos chosen by you to display a certain version of yourself. Most people have their main Instagram account and a much more private finstagram account. However, these finstas are supposed to be less edited than a usual Instagram. No filters, formal photos or pictures of you achieving greatness. Instead, they are real photos of you headed to your shift at a restaurant hungover.

But here’s the thing, who isn’t hungover on a Sunday? Why do you feel the need to post about your failures on social media?

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I know everyone is going to disagree with me. We had a large debate in the Galore office about the use of finsta as a outlet for self expression. Instagrams are supposedly curated these days, but not all finstas are their self-deprecating counter point. Finsta is often its own curated brand of rebellion or overt efforts at lolz. So screw it, Finstas are stupid.

There are 5 main reasons why I think so:

1. It Has No Artistic Purpose

If their purpose is purely for self-expression, why are they always private? Art is for the people right? Exactly. So that argument is just dumb.

2. It’s All The Same Hoes and Tricks

Because finstas are private, they are usually only accessible to your closest friends who are the people in your pictures anyway. “Wow, look at this picture of me at the bar I was at last night.” It’s the same small group of people thriving together and then jerking off to what they did last night. Together. It’s basically a fan club. 

3. It Is NOT Scandalous

What are you possibly doing that is so inappropriate that you feel the need to simultaneously post it on social media and not have anyone see it? The only situation where this makes sense is for my 16-year-old sister who has a finsta to post mucho pics of her drinking a lot because it’s soooo scandalous and she doesn’t want my dad to see. If you’re over 18, what are you hiding?? Don’t say drugs, because posting pics to social media of yourself smoking weed or doing lines is too corny for words.

4. It Is Mostly For Memes

Let’s face it, finstas are mostly where people post stolen dank memes. Nope not even, I take that back, they are mostly stupid memes. And selfies. If you were posting pics of you doing illegal fight club level shit I would be like damnnnn this shit should be on private it’s so scandy. But, I don’t care about your favorite memes. No one does. Your bfffs are liking them out of obligation. 

5. It’s Way Too Much Work

It seems like a lot of work. I’m the girl who wrote the article about erasing Snapchat because of FOMO. Also I was constantly checking it. This seems like another form of social media that needs to be kept up and checked and posted on and fuck that. Just live your life without showing everyone every second.

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You know I’m right. You don’t need a finsta if you’re over 21. The end.

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