Get Bold Eye Shadows And Bright Lips Like Sophie Richardson

Don’t go through life neutral. Summer is the time to let your freak flag fly, makeup wise (and otherwise…) Since we’ve been relying heavily on our tinted chapstick and nude shadow, we reached out to the goddess of makeup, Sophie Richardson, for some fresh and adventurous methods. The London based fashionista describes herself as a sea monster due to her grass green hair and obsession with green lipstick, and her bold beauty know-how doesn’t stop there. Her trend forecasts for our daring darlings include two-toned lips and starry eyes in ways you’d never expect. Read on to get the look!


Does your makeup method vary with your hair color?

Yes it does. I think you can get away with more variety because you’re already making a statement with a bold hair color. I love how experimental you can be and how colors you don’t think will work, actually do.


How do you get fab two-toned lips like yours?

I came across a Splash Cosmetic’s Waterproof Liquid Lipstick recently and it’s the best lip product I’ve ever used! To get the look, you apply one color to the bottom lip, wait to dry and then apply a different color to the top and wait for that to dry. Voila, two toned lips! And the color doesn’t come off or merge together because it’s waterproof.


Color coordinating your lipstick with your outfit: yes or no?

YES. Big fat yes! I love matching – you can probably tell that from my Instagram. I tend to match my lipstick with my hair rather than my outfit. But coordinating your lipstick with your outfit looks cool, shows you’ve got style and that you’ve thought about your look.


What’s a way for girls who are shy with their makeup to utilize the bold trend?

Just to be confident. Be confident and you can pull anything off. If you want a bold color lip but are too shy to wear it, tone it down slightly. You’ll still have the amazing color, but it won’t be as vibrant and in your face.

Is there such a thing as going overboard with makeup?

The more makeup the better is my motto! But seriously, there is a point where your makeup can look like too much. I think it’s more to do with foundation than anything. Honestly, you can get away with pretty much any eye makeup. With foundation though, if you’ve really layered it on and it’s noticeable, people pick up on that. If your skin is starting to look like it’s caked in makeup, stop. I love wearing lots of makeup, I’m not gonna lie. But I do try to keep my skin as natural as possible. And I do think you can go overboard with day makeup. You don’t need a colored shadow for example. Just a simple feline flick works.

In a world with no limitations, how would you do your face?

This is a tricky question, there is SO much you could do with no limitations. For my eyes, I’d have to go all-out glittery! I love a bit of sparkle. The other day on Instagram I saw an image of a girl with sequined-embellished brows, I’d have to try that, too. I’d still stick with my go-to green lippy and to finish off my look I’d have a lip, nose and septum ring. Oh, and a bindi of course.


We know you love sparkle– we are obsessed with your starry eye art! Is that an every day look, or only for special occasions?

That starry eye makeup is unreal! It’s a facial adhesive from the Face Lace. They have lots of different designs that you can opt for, from pieces that go around your eye to full on masks. Each piece is a work of art and instantly gives you an eye catching look.

I would be adventurous with a look like this for things like a festival, a costume party, or a holiday to Ibiza! It’s worth saving for those times and making a “WOW!” entrance.


What beauty product or trend are you dying to try?

The Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. I’ve heard it’s amazing so I just gotta try it out! I also want to see how much I can change my face with contouring. I find it intriguing that you can completely change someone’s look.



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