This model started the #UnibrowMovement on Instagram

Model Sophia Hadjipanteli is making the #UnibrowMovement a thing in the fashion world, and she’s becoming a star in her own right while doing it.

If you click on the #UnibrowMovement hashtag via Instagram, you’ll see many young women around the world with unibrows joining in on the movement. People with unique facial features are praising Sophia for being a crusader of not having to fit society’s beauty standards.

Her mom takes her Instagram photos, and she swears by castor oil. Check out our interview with Sophia below!

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What pushed you to first get into modeling?

Growing up, my mom was always incredibly passionate about photography. She would always have my brother and me pose for her so she could practice. My mom is an incredible photographer and she takes a lot of the pictures I post on my Instagram, actually!

A lot of models today are thrown in front of a camera for the first time after being signed to an agency, and it can be very intimidating! It is really special when the first photographer you have shot with was the person you are closest to in real life. My mom definitely prepared me for modeling, but I think it was my own determination that [made me want] to do it in the first place.

Was it difficult to break into modeling at all with a unibrow? If so, how? 

Although some designers and companies may not be completely on board with the way I look, I have found plenty of designers that absolutely adore what I stand for. With everything you do there will be people that love it and hate it. If you really want it, you don’t let those people stop you. I am fortunate to be a part of an industry that finds beauty in things and people that are different.

How do you want people to change their opinions on normal, healthy body hair of others?

I am not here to change people’s personal opinions of what they prefer for themselves. But, I am absolutely here to change the way we tolerate and accept others for the way they want to show themselves to the world. If you want to do absolutely anything with the way you look, there should be no one stopping you.

This is obviously easier said than done, and I hope I get to make it a bit easier for people some day. It is really funny to think that a few hairs on someone else’s anatomy can really send haters off the fucking wall. Imagine what they would do if you actually loved the way you looked? That is exactly why you have to keep doing it.

Make those people furious with how much you accept and love yourself.

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Was there ever a time when you felt like you wanted to get waxed or tweeze your brows? If so, what stopped you? 

When I was in middle school and high school I would get my eyebrows threaded and I really liked the way they looked at the time! The reason I don’t do my eyebrows anymore is not that I am trying to make a point for others to see, it is primarily based on the fact that I just prefer the way I look now.

A lot of people assume I am someone who thinks about my eyebrows 24/7 and it really isn’t like that. A lot of us have features we like best about ourselves and features we want to disguise a bit more. I obviously love my eyebrows but if I wanted to get them done tomorrow, I would. The only thing that would stop me is how I feel at that moment.

Who would you love to model for and why?

I would love to model for Vivienne Westwood. I grew up with a heavy punk influence, and she was a crusader for me when I was developing my style. I would, of course, also want to model for Alexander McQueen if he was alive. That man inspired me beyond belief. Everyone apart from his mother rejected him in life because of his sexuality, but he never stopped what he loved doing. It would be an honor to model for McQueen.

What’s your daily routine with your brows?

I don’t actually do much with my eyebrows. I brush them when I wake up because they tend to get quite bunched together while I sleep. I tint my eyebrows once a month to keep them jet-black. I also love using castor oil because it keeps them really fluffy! I apply castor oil every night before I go to sleep!

What makeup brand do you stan and why?

This makeup brand is lowkey my beauty secret: the brand Skinn Cosmetics by Dimitri James is honestly amazing. I have been using their stuff since I was in middle school and doubt I will ever stop.

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Beauty product you don’t leave the house without?

I always have a bright red lipstick in my bag for emergencies. When I say “emergencies,” I mean the times where I feel down or not so confident. When I whip on my red lipstick, I feel like a woman in charge. It is a total power move product I highly recommend. 10 out of 10.

Beauty product that you hate?

Since I naturally have really rosy cheeks, I personally hate blush on myself.

Throwback beauty trend that you want to come back?

I grew up wearing super heavy, electric blue, kohl eyeliner smudged around my eyes. It was probably during my more rebellious days as a teenager, but nonetheless, it should definitely come back. I also want to see more people with stars and hearts drawn on their faces with eyeliner – very y2k.

What is your beauty regime day and night and what products do you use?

Since I focus a lot on my skincare routine, I tend to keep my beauty routine to a minimum. I am the biggest advocate of face oils, and serums. When I want to wear makeup I usually just put on concealer, brush through my brows, and add color to my lips.

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How tf do the rest of us at home reading this get thicker and healthier brows? 

I think a lot of it is probably genetics, but there are definitely things you can do that will make them grow! I know castor oil is a great way to naturally make your hair grow faster and thicker. I also love running clear brow gel through my eyebrows so they have a spiked straight up look. I basically want to look like I just put my face outside of a car going 200 mph and my eyebrows sprang up from the wind [laughs]. What a look.

What parts of your face do you love to highlight when doing your makeup?

I think it depends. Sometimes I will go so heavy on my eye makeup and I will make my brows look extra proud. But, other times I will keep everything else on my face simple and I will whack on a bright black or red lip. I like to highlight certain features of certain looks. I love how people are bringing more attention to facial structure.

We are all so different, so it is quite special to think the potential next popular beauty trend will not depend on a product but mostly just the way we were naturally formed. Really excited for this to become popular. Just reminds you that you don’t and shouldn’t always rely on a single type of product to achieve a look. Just work with what you have to emphasize what you love the most.

You said you want to be impossible to ignore – do you think you’re doing this and how so?

I guess I am! I hope as people see me more and more they start to become used to the idea of someone looking different. I hope I am normalizing something. I guess that is something I have yet to really figure out.

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