6 Reigning Social Media Queens Share Their Go-To Playlists for Getting It On

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and sex is on everybody’s mind.

Whether you’re between baes at the moment or happily taken, there’s no better way to celebrate than by hunkering down for an all night long f*ck fest. 

So we asked some of our favorite social media it-girls to let us know how they get in the mood, from what they’re wearing to the music that’s playing in the background.

Get your fans ready, because it’s about to get hot in here.



“When it comes to setting the mood, of course it’s with my bae. I’m not really a picky person so it doesn’t take much to set the mood. Ideally, there would be a really nice room with a big bed with a bathroom connected so I don’t have to travel far to use the bathroom. It would have a mini fridge with a lot of water just in case shit gets a little crazy (lol), and candles all over along with dimmed lights. My hair would preferably be in braids so that I don’t have to worry about it. I would be wearing a pink robe because I think they’re dope and underrated. The bed would be really big because after it goes down I like my space sometimes. I’m not really an affectionate person but there will be lots of it in the bedroom and maybe some baby oil… followed by a fat blunt, some red wine and a long, nice ass nap.”

Jeremih – All The Time
Omarion – Work
Ne-Yo – Mirror
Lloyd – Year Of The Lover
Marques Houston – Naked
Pretty Ricky – Love Like Honey
The Weeknd – The Zone

Art Baby Girl


“There would be a lot of animal print accents in the room, maybe one of those lights that projects constellations on the ceiling & lots of snacks ready to eat right after.”

The Weeknd – House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls
Travis Scott – The Prayer
Schlomo & Jeremih – No More
Kelela – Bank Head
JAHKON  – Odd Future
Slowdive – Avalyn 2 

Samii Ryan


I slid on my sexy black lingerie and fastened black thigh highs to my garter belt. I sprayed my Chloe perfume on the back of my neck and my wrist to smell extra sexy for the night. I threw on an outfit which consisted of a maroon dress and booties and headed out the door. That night we cooked dinner together, it was romantic. If you could picture me bending over the sink with my lingerie on.. yup that was so me. After our candlelit homemade dinner I wanted to show him what was for dessert. I took off my dress and straddled him. This was the perfect valentines night… orgasms later.”

The Weekend- Aquatinted, Earned It
Miguel- Sure Thing, Simple Things, Adorn, pretty much anything by Miguel.
Maxwell- Pretty Wings
Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing, Let’s Get It On
Justin Timberlake- Strawberry Bubblegum

Slutty Taylor Swift


“I mean, obviously the perfect Valentines date would be the Zoolander premiere or taking me to see the movie (out February 12th). I’d show up in a powder blue juicy couture track suit with a newsboy cap and a skinny scarf on a razor scooter, and he would be wearing whatever made him look hot (cowboy hat, angel wings, combination of both). My Valentine’s Day music playlist is probably goofy and a little annoying, but I promise I can be a mature adult later.”

Shut up and sleep with me – Sin with Sebastian
Dye – Fantasy CFCF Remix
Touch The Leather – Fat White Family
Alien Sex Fiend – Baby
Godflesh – Love Is Dog From Hell
Bruce Springsteen – Tougher Than The Rest
Nothings gonna hurt you Baby – Cigarettes After Sex
Limp Bizkit – Nookie (jk never play that)

Zoe Elyse


My night features some cute lingerie for my own satisfaction, and my boyfriend Jack!”

The Mamas and the Papas – Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Warpaint – Baby
Françoise Hardy – Le temps de l’amour
The Beatles – Because
Cat Power – The Greatest
The xx – Stars
Lana Del Rey – Music To Watch Boys To
Alabama Shakes – Gimmie All Your Love

Louise Chantal


With this playlist, it would go down during the summertime in a house with floor to ceiling windows, and a view of the beach. I’d be wearing white or baby pink. I’d probably have two looks, one lace and one leather/latex. My hair would be long platinum blonde with loose curls. The bed would be king size. I love giant beds. You need a big bed for a big guy. The bed set would be white. There would also be a jacuzzi. We’d start there and finish in the bedroom. I find water so sexy. If there wasn’t a jacuzzi, after we both finished, he’d have a bubble bath waiting for us both. After that we’d go downstairs to the kitchen, oxtail, rice and peas, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens would be waiting. After we were finished with dinner/breakfast we’d go for a walk on the beach and watch the sun rise.

Rihanna – Kiss It Better
Beyone ft. Jay Z – Drunk In Love
Drake ft. Majid Jordan – Hold On, We’re Going Home
Tamia – So Into You
PARTYNEXTDOOR  – Wus Good, Curious
Future  – Rich $ex
Gyptian  – Wine Slow, Beautiful Lady
Boyz II Men  – Can You Stand the Rain
TLC  – Red Light Special
Keith Sweat ft. Athena Cage  – Nobody

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