“BrunchCon” Is Coming To NYC And It Looks Lit

Brunch may be a worldwide phenomenon these days, but everybody knows that NYC was the OG brunch city.

For that reason, it only makes sense that something called BrunchCon is finally coming to NYC.

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Brunchcon is like any other “-con” type festival. It involves tons of vendors, activities, and photo opportunities, except these are all centered around brunch. For example, they have a Hangover Lounge, Brunch Speed Dating, and a gift shop with brunch-themed merch.

But more importantly, there is going to be lots of food.

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The festival is set to take place on March 26th, and tickets currently start at $55 for General Admission. And yes, the general admission tickets include all the food plus an open mimosa bar from 11-3.

A list of current restaurants participating is listed on Brunchcon’s site.

From the current promo vid, it looks a little bit different from your standard NYC party brunch. But you have to admit, crowding around a table with endless champagne, a promoter, and two pancakes gets old.

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Instead, Brunchcon seems to focus more about the tastiness aspect of brunch rather than the opportunity to get drunk and make out with some random dude visiting from Sweden. Although, with the speed dating activity, it’s probs still a possibility.

Sure, brunch is getting a little basic lately. But sometimes stuff becomes mainstream because it’s just great. Who doesn’t like greasy food and an excuse to drink before 12 p.m.?

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