Some Advice On Faking Orgasms

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I have faked my share of orgasms. I even pride myself on the realism of my fake orgasms. The key to a convincing female orgasm is to pulse your pussy, and then add other dramatics like trembling legs, a change in breathing pattern, or the obvious loud moaning combined with “I’m cumming.”

Now I by no means advocate women faking orgasms consistently with sexual partners. On the whole faking orgasms with a long term partner is not a productive approach because it gives them false ideas of what actually gets you off. And nothing is more cringe inducing than a guy who thinks he’s putting in that work when he’s actually barely stimulating your clitoris.

However, I do believe there are instances where you are met with an eager but inept one off lover who doesn’t wanna stop until they get you off. In cases like this where a person is being considerate but my pussy is getting sore I would fake it. I look at it as telling a sexual white lie. Someone cooks you a meal and it taste like ass you should still pretend you enjoyed it to show appreciation for their effort, it’s good manners, feel me?

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