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Galore’s latest obsession alert: Sofi Green! And here’s why: Okay, her new-ish music video, “Some Girls,” is some bad-girl-gone-badder, sexually liberating hotness complete with “she said WHUT?!”-inducing ferocious flows like “I-i need a man with an elephant trunk!” You get it, girl. The video also involves red roses evaporating into black smoke (METAPHORS), the designer-clad Green whipping her (teal) green locks whilst getting down with some foxy fellas, and milk like you’ve never seen it before (spoiler alert: a salacious milk bath/splashing milk-as-champagne moments). There’s also flashing images (Illuminati?!?! jk) of, yes, elephant trunks, in addition to an elderly man and a red lipstick pout boasting a trendsetting bottom teeth only grill. My personal highlight = Green doing slow-mo splits like a sartorial-slaying superhero in the air whilst clutching an open umbrella. This is such an I’ll sex you then kill you strutting anthem. So, yeah, I’m appropriately obsessed. You def will be too after checking out the super sexy music vid and reading our chit-chat.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming debut EP?
It has some chopped and screwed parts, Texas-influenced tracks, heavy drum-influenced beats, and a lot of blunt material. The EP was influenced by what I was feeling and going through from 2011-2012. I have two dope features on it so far and a gang of talented producers.

Who are the designers you are wearing in the super sassy “Some Girls” vid?
Balmain, Helmut Lang, Patricia Field, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Bliss Lau, Madewell, and Francesco Scognamiglio.

Dayum! So, what was the video concept?
Fun, sexual freedom, and sexual liberation. Anything too serious would’ve made the video weird — subtle sexiness is dope.

Let’s talk about that green hair!
It’s actually teal! Different types of cameras make it come up “money” green at times, when in fact that’s not how it looks in person. I dye my hair myself. It’s the longest process in the world because I’m a perfectionist, but I rather do it and be certain that it’s going to be “exactly” what I want. As far as styling, Toya of “Beauty Bar” in New Jersey does my hair. I use different shades of “Manic Panic” to keep the color process interesting.

Favorite music videos of all time?
Sade – No Ordinary Love
Jay Z – Excuse Me Miss & Big Pimpin
Madonna – Human Nature

And how about favorite album cover art?
Kelis – Kaleidoscope
Pink – Funhouse
Gwen Stefani –  Love. Angel. Music. Baby. I believe anything she does is awesome. Her beauty and coolness are timeless.

Do you have an alter ego?
Yep. “Kita Boo”
Who are some of your major vocal influences?
Missy, Madonna, Gwen, Lil Kim, Jay Z.

What is the last song you downloaded via iTunes?
Lykke Li – “Little Bit”. I know it’s a little old, but this song is adorable.

If you could raid any of your style icon’s closets, who would it be and why?
Daphne Guinness and Kate Moss. Daphne, because she’s eclectic and daring. Kate for timeless simplicity and effortless style.

Who is your dream music video director?
Tim Burton is my dream music video director. His mind is beautiful — he paints pictures so vividly. And he’s weird. Weird is very dope and sexy.

And who would be your dream duet-er? And favorite producers?
My dream duet is Jay Z. I told him he was my favorite while I was in a session with Timbaland. I made it clear — no one rhymes like him. And  he’s a Sag! Timbaland and are my favorite producers thus far. Having Timb hear my EP and give me dope comments about it was amazing. J-roc is the producer — he collaborates with a lot of people and I have his production on my EP. So, I feel like I’ve almost accomplished this big wish of mine.

What are the ups and downs of being a Sagittarius?
I always say what I feel and we love super hard. Being blunt can help people never have to guess what I’m feeling or thinking, but sometimes being brutally honest can hurt someone who isn’t used to the truth. I’m not the “sugar coating” type. Shrugs.

Passionately loving someone can be consuming — it’s either you’re all in or out. A demanding career isn’t so kind to that kind of love. That’s the only love that I feel is worth fighting for though.

And determination — I reek of this. Be it a positive or negative thought… if I’m determined to do whatever it may be, trust and believe, I will damn near kill myself to accomplish what I’ve told myself that I’m going to do. In my opinion, determination is really like “drugs”. It can really help you or hurt you, depending on the circumstances.

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